Did you find the superb combination?

White to play

Using forcing moves we saw the brilliant

  1. Bh6+ Ke7  2. Nd5+ Ke6  3. Bf7+ Kxe5  4. c3!

and whatever Black plays next White will play Bf4 mate

Over 6000 people attended the brilliant Chess Festival held last weekend in Trafalgar Square. The weather was scorching (32c) and everyone there, including yours truly, had a magnificent day.

It was wonderful to see many families at the event. With plenty of chess orientated things to do, from watching theatrical re-enactments of classic historical games to playing blitz against other chess fans and for those lucky enough, a chance to play in a simul against a host of GMs including Michael Adams and Gawain Jones

All in all a fabulous day and one I hope will herald the return to over the board chess for us all

Great News! ‘Real’ Chess is back

I know we have been treated to hours of online events during the pandemic, but most of us enjoy playing over the board and face to face more than anything. Elite players have had this luxury for a while. However the ordinary rank and file players are now able to play in congresses and at those clubs willing to open their doors.

To celebrate this, my Game of the Week was played in the 25th 4NCL FIDE rated congress held over last weekend in Leamington Spa

Playing White is local player George Hollands ( Bridge ) and with the Black pieces Vivien Webster ( Halifax )

In fact George played superbly throughout the event winning 3 games and drawing 2 to finish 2nd in a very strong field

 White:  Hollands, George       Black:  Webster, Vivien

25th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress (Leamington)

Following on from the Immortal Game, our puzzle this week is from a similar time. This position was reached in 1877; The player with the White pieces was Johannes Zukertort, can you see how he forced mate from this position?

Oh, I forgot to mention that Zukertort was playing this game blindfold!

White to play

As mentioned in an earlier post The Immortal Game was played in London 170 years ago – The venue was Simpson’s in the Strand, a few hundred yards from Trafalgar Square. The players were Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky and the game has been voted as the best chess game played in the past 1400 years!

Please just enjoy the moves and notice that having many more pieces on the board in no way guarantees victory

 White:  Anderssen, Adolf       Black:  Kieseritzky, Lionel

The Immortal Game ( London 1851 )