Another game from the Thanet All Play All, played last night on Lichess

Please enjoy this game, which is full of twists and turns: indeed both sides were winning at various times and the result was uncertain until very close to the end!

Congratulations to both players for an exciting contest, very much a toe to toe battle, eventually won by Broadstairs club member Andy Flood

White:  FloodA01       Black:  Knightclubber

LiChess 60-minute + 15s game

One of the most important qualities a chess player needs, is a Never Give Up attitude – chess is a game where, however bad your position, there is always hope. Rather like a boxer looking for that miracle last round knockout!
Our puzzle comes from a game played on Lichess 3 days ago.
The player with the Black pieces is 11 years old, I have been coaching him on Zoom for a couple of months, he was already a talented 10 year old when we started.

In this game he has been outplayed by a strong opponent but has sacrificed a piece to gain some swindle chances. White has just played Nd4 attacking Queen and Bishop


Black to play and Mate

Local players have been fortunate during chess lock down as, our very own Andy Flood has kept everyone entertained with a series of competitions on Lichess. These events have covered many time formats, the current one is an All Play All with the ‘leisurely’ time control of game in 60+15

The first round, of eleven, was played on Tuesday 5th January, here is an exciting miniature to enjoy

White:  Mikeski12       Black:  pm5

LiChess 60-minute + 15s game

Happy New Year to everyone

2021 offers much to look forward to, especially once the forthcoming vaccinations help our superb NHS and the entire Nation reach some form of normality, hopefully by the summer.

In the meantime we can still play our beautiful game online.

Indeed in many ways chess has blossomed during the lock down period, thanks to great, easy to use and FREE sites such as Lichess &, the excitement of watching the top players in the world playing blitz, and, of course, the charms of Beth Harmon in the wonderful drama ‘ The Queen’s Gambit’


Here is a puzzle to kickstart our chess brian cell(s)

White to Mate in 3

If anything positive can be gained from the situation in which we find ourselves at the moment, the fact that we are told chess has become increasingly popular with housebound families must be one of them. While face to face – or mask to mask – competition still seems to be on some distant horizon, online chess is booming. The initiative shown by Magnus Carlsen and the world’s other leading grandmasters in setting up lucrative online competitions has attracted great interest and many clubs have moved online to host virtual club nights with rapidplay competitions. At Broadstairs we were quick to exploit this and it has proved extremely popular. We looked at two possible sites, LiChess and and after a little experimentation decided the former was easier for everyone. We meet on Monday evenings, our usual club night, from 8.00 and a good time is had by all.


While 10-minute games need to be taken with a pinch of salt, there can be some excellent games played. The following example may not be one of them but as the loser I would say that. Recently, David has been trying out 1.h4 when playing White in order to show what a bad opening it is. Unfortunately, he is too good for most of us mere mortals and has yet to lose by playing it. Here is an example of one of his wins. Have a look and see what fun two players – or possibly one – can have playing rapid chess for twenty minutes. And if you haven’t yet joined us on Monday evenings, you will be very welcome.


White:  David Faldon       Black:  Robert Page 

LiChess 10-minute rapid game


Another bonus to keep our chess brains ticking over during lockdown has been the weekly puzzle fest that Trefor has been sending us. I hope people have been trying to solve them. I think we owe it to Trefor to have a go as he has gone to the trouble of sending them out. I want to know where he gets them all from – six puzzles a week – and how to add them to an email. The following one from this week’s batch is listed as ‘a fairly simple example’! Well, I’m fairly simple and I have failed with three attempts. If you find the answer, tell Trefor. Good luck!

White to move and mate in 2