Thursday’s away game at Margate saw Broadstairs playing their final Millar Cup match of the season. Circumstances conspired resulting in Broadstairs having to concede the bottom 1 boards and start the match 2 – 0 down against their local rivals Margate, who were firm favourites to clock up their first Millar Cup win of the season.

With lower overall ratings on 4 of the 5 boards, it would take something special for the Broadstairs team to achieve any kind of success.

The early signs were surprisingly promising for Broadstairs who quickly gained a pawn advantage on both Boards 4 and 5, Michael Jenkinson’s game on Board 5 was the first game to finish with an agreed draw. Although a pawn up with only the Kings and Pawns on the board, it was not possible for Michael to convert this advantage to a win. A draw against an opponent with almost 300 rating points higher was a great result in the circumstances.

Manoj (Board 1) and Samuel (Board 2) quickly secured wins to maintain their run of results with their respective and impressive success / win rates of 75% and 81%.

With the match all square at 2.5 points each, the most unlikely result of a Broadstairs win looked to be on the cards. Paul Verrall had a winning position and a clear time advantage against his experienced opponent Colin Gregory on Board 4 and Andrew Flood was hanging on to his position on Board 3, although a pawn dawn but with potential and drawing opportunities.

Then chess disaster struck for Broadstairs on Board 4 when, with only minutes left on his clock, Colin manoeuvred his Knight to check and fork his opponents King and Rook, to quickly change a lost game to a won game and secure a vital point for Margate. Board 3 was an agreed draw through perpetual check.

Although a Broadstairs 4 – 3 loss on the night, the closeness of the result will probably prove valuable in keeping Broadstairs of the bottom spot when all the teams have completed their games at the end of the season, and who would begrudge Margate their first win in an enjoyable and close match.



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