Our third game from the Thanet All Play All, played last night on Lichess

Your scribe had the White pieces. With the players pretty level after eleven moves my opponent made a mistake and then suffered with the infamous two weaknesses. Lack of development and not finding a secure place for his King

White:  TreforHO       Black:  RichardDavies

LiChess 60-minute + 15s game

The position this week is from a game played in the 2019 Tunbridge Wells Congress

Does anyone remember over the board chess?

Can you find the move that White should have played to force Checkmate in the fewest moves?

White to play


Black to play

1…. Rxg2+ 2. Kh1  Rxf2+ 3. Nxc6 Rh2+  4. Kg1  Qg2 mate

Instead of 3. Nxc6 White can block the check but 3. Bd5 changes nothing and 3. Nf3 allows Rxf1

Another game from the Thanet All Play All, played last night on Lichess

Please enjoy this game, which is full of twists and turns: indeed both sides were winning at various times and the result was uncertain until very close to the end!

Congratulations to both players for an exciting contest, very much a toe to toe battle, eventually won by Broadstairs club member Andy Flood

White:  FloodA01       Black:  Knightclubber

LiChess 60-minute + 15s game

One of the most important qualities a chess player needs, is a Never Give Up attitude – chess is a game where, however bad your position, there is always hope. Rather like a boxer looking for that miracle last round knockout!
Our puzzle comes from a game played on Lichess 3 days ago.
The player with the Black pieces is 11 years old, I have been coaching him on Zoom for a couple of months, he was already a talented 10 year old when we started.

In this game he has been outplayed by a strong opponent but has sacrificed a piece to gain some swindle chances. White has just played Nd4 attacking Queen and Bishop


Black to play and Mate