Broadstairs first home match in the Steele Cup gave Broadstairs an early opportunity to turn around the convincing result and win by Bridge in the Millar Cup less than a week ago.

Michael Jenkinson on Board 4 was again the first game to finish, but this time it was a win for the home team to go 1 – 0  up.

Board 1 result went with the players’ ratings with George Hollands securing a win against Chris Stampe to level the match at 1 – 1.

Both boards 2 and 3 saw the initial positions favour Bridge, whilst Paul Carfrae opening with white was not ideal, Andrew Flood on Board 3 with the black pieces, although going two pawns up quickly, found his pieces in an awful position. Paul strengthened his position and secured a point to guarantee at least the draw for Broadstairs.

Black on Board 3 fought back to even up the position with 6 Pawns and a Knight facing White’s 6 Pawns and a Bishop and having the time advantage. White offered a draw, which was accepted to secure a Broadstairs win by 2½ – 1½





Chris Stampe              1800 0 – 1 George Hollands     1939
Paul Carfrae               1668 1 – 0 Peter Blundell         1642
Andy Flood                 1594 ½ – ½ Ian Redmond           1340
Michael Jenkinson    1300 1 – 0 Martin Jordan         1300
                                      6262 2½ – 1½                                      6221


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