Richard EALES    201                        1            0                    David FALDON        170

Jim BAYFORD     188                       0.5       0.5                   Peter McGILL           152

Leon WOOLDRIDGE 190                0.5       0.5                   Gordon BOTLEY     186



Stuart WILLIAMS    179                   0.5       0.5                   Jo SCHULTZ 187

Colin GREGORY    117                        0          1                      Arnaud WISMAN      178

David HORTON      164                    0.5       0.5                   Harry SHARPLES    151



Mark MORTIMER   159                    0          1                      Bob POOLEY  147

Alan GOSMAN        149                     1          0                      Leon GARFIELD 101

Emily GREEN          136                    0.5       0.5                   David SHIRE 179



Matthew CUSSENS 146                    0          1                      Shany REZVANY     157

Mick MICKLETHWAITE 139              1          0                      Paul CARFRAE         132

John CLARKE              86                   0          1                      Kit BLUNDELL       e128



James ESSINGER      155                  1          0                    Roy DAWSON          75

David ERWEE           115                  1          0                      Reg PIDDUCK          104

Paul ARNOLD           125                  1          0                     Don RICHARDS       e70



Ashley CORDERY      41                  1          0                      Jamie DAWSON        e75

Michael DOYLE          80                 0          1                     Chris SIEBERT          102

Susan GREEN             47                  0          1                    Ray RENNELLS        82





BRIDGE                     1st place:                      HERNE BAY                         2nd place:


Richard EALES          201      1                      Gordon BOTLEY                   186      0.5

Arnaud WISMAN      178      1                      Stuart WILLIAMS                 179      0.5

Mark MORTIMER     159      0                      Bob POOLEY                         147      1

Shany REZVANY        157      1                      Mick MICKLETHWAITE        139      1

James ESSINGER      155      1                      Paul ARNOLD                         125      1

Ray RENNELLS           82       1                      Jamie DAWSON                    e75      0

———–                                                                      ———–

155      5                                                                      142      4



FOLKESTONE          3rd place:                      WOODNESBOROUGH       4th place:


Jim BAYFORD          189      0.5                   Leon WOOLDRIDGE           190      0.5

Jo SCHULTZ             187      0.5                   Harry SHARPLES                 151      0.5

David SHIRE             179      0.5                   Emily GREEN                        136      0.5

Matt CUSSENS         146      0                      Kit BLUNDELL                      e128       1

David ERWEE           115      1                      Roy DAWSON                           75       0

Chris SIEBERT          102      1                      Susan GREEN                            47       0

————-                                                                    ————-

153      3.5                                                                   121      2.5


MARGATE                equal 5th place:            BROADSTAIRS             equal 5th place:.


Peter McGILL            52      0.5                   David FALDON                    170      0

Colin GREGORY      117      0                      David HORTON                    164      0.5

Leon GARFIELD      101      0                      Alan GOSMAN                      149      1

John CLARKE             86      0                      Paul CARFRAE                     132      0

Don RICHARDS       e70      0                      Reg PIDDUCK                      104      0

Ashley CORDERY      41      1                      Michael DOYLE                      80      0

————-                                                                    ————-

  95      1.5                                                                   133     1.5


Broadstairs   4       Woodnesborough   0


1. Paul Carfrae (132) 1-0       Kit Blundell (e128)
2. John Couzens (131) 1-0       Mark Towlson (101)
3. Andy Flood (113) 1-0       Roy Dawson  (75)
4. Reg Pidduck (104) 1-0       Rens Bossers (e60)

Andy Flood writes:

The final game of the season saw the Hargreaves team travel to Woodnesborough knowing that a win would secure the runners up spot for Broadstairs.

Outgrading opponents on all boards, John Couzens was the first to secure a convincing win on board 2. Reg followed on board 4 with another win for black. I managed to secure maximum points with a win, which only left Paul playing on the top board.  As we weighed up the decision whether to stay or drive back to Broadstairs, the scales were tipping in favour of leaving Paul, a piece down in a lost position.

Paul offered a draw which was quickly declined and the game was concluded in seconds with little more than the blink of an eye. No, not a 3 – 1 win but a 4 – 0 win to Broadstairs as Paul (Houdini) Carfrae quickly exchanged rooks and mated a shocked opponent on the back rank with his other rook and a clever use of his advanced pawn. The shock of Paul’s opponent was only exceeded by Paul’s own amazement at securing a win from a lost position in such a short time.

Broadstairs  3½       Bridge ½

1. Andy Flood   (113) 1-0      Stuart Honey (e110)
2. Reg Pidduck    (104) ½-½      Shahid Sahi (107)
3. Bob Cronin  (101) 1-0      Graeme Boxall (98)
4. Michael Doyle (80)  1-0      Ray Rennells (82)


Reg Pidduck writes:

This win gave us 6/6 in the Walker Shield and with the grades being very even we expected a close match.

BOARD 4. SUPER SUB STRIKES AGAIN. Michael Doyle has a secret weapon, the Birmingham Defence (so named by Tony Miles). It suits his attacking nature as he came out all guns blazing to claim an early finish against Ray Rennells: 1-0

BOARD 2. A PHONE INCIDENT. I played my favourite defence (the Dutch) against Shahid. We ended up with a blocked pawn position with same coloured bishops and I offered a draw but he wanted to play on to see what would transpire. A very quiet phone ring then went off and it wasn’t until Graeme and Shahid both looked at me that I realised it was Shahid’s . I did not claim the game and we agreed the draw: 1½-½

BOARD 3. BOB ON TOP. Bob Cronin’s good form continued against Graeme Boxall as each time I looked he was always comfortable. He ended up in the endgame three pawns to the good and Graeme resigned: 2½-½. (Bob was unbeaten in all his five games played in the Walker Shield this season.)

BOARD 1. SOLID ANDY. Slowly and surely Andy wears his opponents down. Always looking assured, he never looked in trouble and, like Bob, ended three pawns up so Stuart Honey resigned: 3½-½ (Andy was unbeaten in all six games this season.)

Final score 3½-½  and the Walker Shield returns to Broadstairs.

In the six matches there have been 24 games in which we have scored 18½  points and dropped only 5½.   Well done team! (Congratulations, Reg – Ed)


Broadstairs  2½       Bridge B 4½

1 David Faldon (170) 0-1         Leon Wooldridge (190)
2 David Horton (164) ½-½         Alan Atkinson (182)
3 Paul Carfrae (132) ½-½         Robert Collopy (164)
4 John Couzens (131) 1-0         Mark Mortimer (159)
5 Andy Flood (113) 0-1         James Essinger (155)
6 Bob Cronin (101) ½-½         Lee Butcher (e149)
7 Michael Doyle (80) 0-1         Chris Stampe (133)

David Faldon writes:

The match got off to a furious start with results on the bottom three boards within an hour or so. Board 7 featured a Dragon opening with opposite-side castling and both sides attacking like mad. Unfortunately for us, Chris found a killer rook sacrifice which left Michael with no defence. The board 5 game seemed to be going our way at that point with Andy an exchange up but a sudden moment of blindness cost him a whole queen: 0-2. At about the same time Bob’s game on board 6 was agreed drawn after mass exchanges hoovered off all the pieces. Paul’s game on board 3 was next to finish – another draw – and then John on board 4 spotted a neat combination to finish off his higher-rated opponent: 2-3. This was a splendid result for John, compounded by the fact that he was almost certainly winning even without the final combination. Both games on the top boards could have gone either way, but in the end we only got a solitary half-point – David H’s complicated and hard-fought draw. All in all, the Broadstairs team put up a pretty good show – despite the final score – against a very strong Bridge B side that had already won the Millar Cup with a round to spare. Congratulations to David H, Paul, John and Bob for their results on the night, and of course to Bridge B, whose match record for the season of eleven wins and one draw is going to take some beating.

Broadstairs  1½       Ramsgate 2½ 

1. Paul Carfrae (132) ½-½       Steve Guy  (139)
2. John Couzens (131) 0-1       Brian Westover (138)
3. Andy Flood (113) ½-½       Malcolm Snashall (127)
4. Reg Pidduck (104) ½-½       Chris Wand (114)

Andy Flood writes:

A buoyant Ramsgate team arrived at Broadstairs top of the league and already runaway winners of the Hargreaves Shield.  Could they beat Broadstairs, the potential runners-up but outgraded on all four boards, or would they lose their 100% record?  As in most of the games this season, first to secure points was Paul on board 1 with a good draw against Steve Guy, a strong opponent – Paul’s fifth draw on board 1 in seven games. Things were looking good for Ramsgate as Brian Westover ignored some of John Couzens’ traps to secure a win and the best individual points score in the league (6½ out of 8). The games concluded in order: the board three game was marginally in Broadstairs’ favour before a draw was agreed due to time pressure. This left Reg fighting to secure an individual win and a match draw in the final game.  Things were not looking good: Reg went a pawn down and his king came under a sustained attack as Chris lined up his queen and rook to come in for the kill. Somehow Reg withstood the onslaught, regained the pawn and then declined a draw offered by his opponent as he sought to secure a win and a draw for the team. Alas, as the endgame continued it become clear that it would be a draw, which was agreed and we went off to the pub to plan how Broadstairs would secure the runner-up spot in our final game of the season. So congratulations to Ramsgate on their victory and an excellent season.