Broadstairs   2      Sheldwich  2                       

1 Andy Flood (110) 0-1 Felix Coker (e85)
2 Bob Cronin (103) 0-1 Oli Garrett (76)
3 Michael Doyle (91) 1-0 Zeno Burns (45)
4 Fredy Reber (52) 1-0 Joshua Hayhoe (21)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

Slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune tell the Shakespearean story of Broadstairs’ demise in last night’s final Walker Shield match of the season. The outstanding juniors from Sheldwich Primary School, outgraded on all four boards, showed an impressive performance in a draw. Their hero, 10-year old Felix Coker, was superb as he defeated Andy on board 1. Another half a point and Broadstairs would have gone into second place in the final league standing. However, Felix had Andy under the cosh all through the game to win eventually with bishop and pawn. The usually reliable Bob C fell earlier, miscalculating his kingside attack. It left his king exposed in the middle and nine-year-old Oli Garrett was left to plunder with a rook and a queen, having created a passed pawn. Things looked more promising at the start with Mike, on board 3, and Fredy on board 4, winning against two impressive juniors, Zeno and Josh, who are underrated. Well done to the boys from Sheldwich, and judging from the whole of the season, well done to the Broadstairs lads who finish third in the Walker Shield. Next season it’s our turn to win the shield! Here’s hoping.

Editor’s note: Capt Mike was right to praise the Sheldwich boys who have benefited enormously from the experience of playing in the Walker Shield. The top two boards won impressively in this match and it should be remembered that the grades listed are July grades – Oli Garrett’s current grade is 94 and he is 52nd in the country for his age. Both he and Felix Coker are ones to watch and full credit to the boys and their coaches.


                                         Broadstairs  5        Bridge   2

1 David Faldon (174) ½-½  Richard Eales (193)
2 Trefor Owens (167) 1-0  Patrick Burns (166)
3 Shany Rezvany (163) ½-½  Jeff Green (144)
4 Bob Page (141) 0-1  Graeme Boxall (93)
5 Paul Carfrae (140) 1-0  Ray Rennells (80)
6 Chris Stampe (124) 1-0  Darren Coker (40)
7 Paul Johnson (116) 1-0  Conor Gorman (27)

David Faldon writes:

This match was way too exciting. At about 30 minutes in our board 3, Shany, suddenly found himself struggling to breathe. Luckily we had a doctor on site and after a quick check of Shany’s symptoms, Dr Jenkinson persuaded the ambulance service that we had a real emergency. The ambulance arrived almost immediately and Shany was taken to the QEQM Hospital in Margate. The latest news is that Shany is still unwell, but in stable condition. After that, the match was rather secondary. Shany’s opponent, Jeff Green, sportingly accepted the draw offer that Shany made on his way out of the room. An hour or so later we were 3½-½ up as our boards 5, 6 and 7 used their extra experience to crash through with three rather one-sided wins. On board 1, I had a good position but an opportunity arose where I could force a draw by repetition. After checking the outstanding games I decided to take the draw, leaving us 4-1 up with two to finish. Next, Trefor on board 2 confounded my doubts by convincingly finishing off a well-played positional game: 5-1. The final result (board 4) was a bit disappointing but Bridge’s captain, Graeme Boxall, played excellently and deserved his upset victory. Many thanks to Bridge for bringing a full team despite trying circumstances and for their support (and use of a phone!) during the emergency. This is our last Millar Cup match of the season and the result leaves us joint top on eight points level with Folkestone, though Folkestone do still have two games to play. Of course Folkestone could lose their remaining games to Bridge and to Margate, but I’m not holding my breath for that – sorry, Shany!

Ed: the latest news on Shany is that he was discharged on Tuesday afternoon. He thanked everyone for their support and apologised ‘for disturbing and interrupting the match’!

                                                 Broadstairs   1½      Ramsgate  2½                     

1 Andy Flood (110) 1-0 Malcolm Snashall (110)
2 Bob Cronin (103) 0-1 Josh Vaughan (94)
3 Reg Pidduck (101) ½-½ Bob Wallace (88)
4 Michael Doyle (91) 0-1 Don Richards (74)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

If you are skiing on a slippery slope you will invariably fall and go downhill. That’s what happened to Broadstairs last night when we lost to Ramsgate. The only hope of  winning the Thanet Shield if we beat Ramsgate was gone when we lost by 2½-1½. To spare a complete disaster, Andy on Board 1 notched up our only win. With white holding the initiative, we lost on Boards 2 and 4 playing black, namely Bob C and your captain Mike with Reg achieving a draw with the white pieces. It only proves the point that a 50-50 chance of winning with either with white or black favours white! Our first loss was Bob C. He was eventually worn down by white and resigned before he was mated. It was an even game with Reg and Andy a few pawns ahead, but our captain was on do-or-die battle on board four playing black (you guessed it). He had the white king in check by a rook in the middle of the board and lo and behold in a right tussle he lost in the end game. It was Reg who gained a draw with repetitive checks in the middle of the game. With his passed pawn gaining a queen, Andy was the only one to win. Hard luck, lads! Next season, we’re hoping to win the Walker Shield – praying with a bit of luck!


                                          Broadstairs   ½      Margate  3½                     

1 Andy Flood (110) 0-1 Clive Le Baigue (11)
2 Bob Cronin (103) 0-1 Leon Garfield (102)
3 Reg Pidduck (101) ½-½ John Clarke (98)
4 Michael Doyle (91) 0-1 Ray McAloney (86)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

‘It was a drubbing,’  the verdict of Reg Pidduck, president of Broadstairs Chess Club, after yesterday’s loss to Margate. It was a chess disaster! Three of the Broadstairs players lost and only Reg managed a draw. Our captain, Mike Doyle, was the first go down having played a Sicilian Defence against White’s onslaught.  Half way into the game I fought back but my queen was en pris and I took my eyes off as the knight pounced to take it off. It was the second match that I have lost my queen!  The next player go down was none other than Bob C who lost a bishop early on and resigned the game as it fell apart. On board three was Reg, the only points scorer with a draw, who managed to get his knight pinned against the side of the board and a draw was agreed. Last to go was inimitable Andy, who played a solid methodical game, until a piece down and was forced to resign at the end. Our hopes of winning the Walker Shield are up in smoke unless a miracle happens. As Andy said after the match: ‘We can now relax and enjoy the rest of the season’ not in stress going for the shield. Urrggh!


                                           Broadstairs   2½      Bridge  1½                     

1 Andy Flood (110) 0-1 Graeme Boxall (93)
2 Bob Cronin (103) 1-0 Ray Rennells (80)
3 Reg Pidduck (101) ½-½ Stuart Capel (e80)
4 Michael Doyle (91) 1-0 Barnaby Wills (77)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

With four matches to play prior to the match against Bridge yesterday, Broadstairs had to win all four to win the Walker Shield. Last night’s victory brought us closer to winning the shield with only three matches to play. Capt Mike Doyle got us off to a flying start with nearly an hour’s play to defeat the upcoming junior Barnaby Wills by mating with two rooks. On Board 2 Bob had a tricky start but won with a pawn onslaught in the centre with Ray Rennells resigning: 2-0. On Board 3 Reg was a pawn down and looked like losing and Andy was losing against Capt Graeme Boxall. The match was heading for a tie, but Reg offered his opponent a draw and we won 2½- 1½. Bad luck, Andy, you had an even game until your king wandered off to the  other side off the board, leaving your opponent with a passed pawn.  Well done, lads! Keep up the good work on Thursday against Margate!