Broadstairs’ recent victory at Bridge resembled a lap of honour as the team secured the Walker Shield with a 100% record. It is fitting, therefore, that we should feature one of their wins as the latest Game of the Week. Michael Doyle’s typically swashbuckling performance was not without the odd alarm and readers playing through the game may wish to pause after 15. Bc6 to consider how Black could extricate himself from what looks like a perilous position.   While it is fair to say that White’s 17th and 18th moves were not his best options, it was nevertheless a fine win for Black.

White: Ray Rennells (82)        Black: Michael Doyle (80)

Walker Shield:  Bridge v Broadstairs 

Here’s an enterprising draw from Alan Gosman played on board 2 against Herne Bay in the recent Millar Cup match.  Not only was he playing against a much stronger opponent but he also had the temerity initially to turn down a draw offer.  See if you agree that he made the right decision in the end.

White: Alan Gosman (149)        Black: Gordon Botley (186)

Millar Cup: Broadstairs v Herne Bay 

Here is a smart win by David Wheatley against a higher graded opponent.  I’ll let David explain the background.

“The match at Ramsgate brought back memories of one of my best Millar Cup wins. At home to Ramsgate, I was (for some reason!) on board 3 against Steve Guy, then graded 144. The memory did not include his opening, the very same I played on Tuesday against Fred Hiron, ending in a draw. After winning against Mr Guy I do now remember thinking what a silly opening it was, and here we are four years later, and it is my stock opening…”
White: Steve Guy (144)        Black: David Wheatley (111) 

It would be disingenuous to claim that this Game of the Week features a member of Broadstairs Chess Club or even the Thanet League because the winner is out of our league in more ways than one.  Wei Yi is the rising star of world chess.  At fifteen, he has already been a grandmaster for two years and is widely tipped to be a future world champion, having just beaten Magnus Carlsen’s record as the youngest player to achieve a 2700+ rating. This game, played in the penultimate round at the recent Tata Steel Challengers at Wijk an See, secured him first place and an invitation to the main tournament next year. It may not be a game by a local player but it is easy on the eye and well worth playing through.  Unfortunately, we can’t even claim that you saw it here first as it appeared in one of Michael Adams’ recent newspaper columns.

White: Wei Yi (2706)          Black: Anne Haast (2347)

(Tata Steel Challengers 2015)  


Just like London buses, you wait for one game of the week then two come at once.  This is David Horton’s victory from the recent Millar Cup match at Margate.  David writes: ‘Around move 20 it got very hairy, where I was threatening Nf3 and he was aiming to tear my pawn cover apart. I am sure Fritz would pour scorn on our efforts, but it was fun!’

White: Harry Sharples (151)                Black: David Horton (164)

(Millar Cup v Margate)