Broadstairs 3        Margate 1

1. Paul Carfrae (132) 0-1       Colin Gregory (117)
2. John Couzens (131) 1-0       Leon Garfield (101)
3. Tom Lovegrove (117) 1-0       John Clarke (86)
4. Andy Flood (113) 1-0       James Maskell (80)

Andy Flood writes:

A confident Broadstairs team arrived at Margate for the local derby, outgrading Margate on all four boards. The team was shocked by the early loss on Board 1 by Paul Carfrae, the team’s star player, as he lost in a poor game by his standards. Up until now Paul was unbeaten and top points scorer so he was entitled to have an off day. The match score was levelled some time later as I won what should have been a drawn game by getting my rooks on the 7th rank as my opponent sought to do likewise but was one move behind. John Couzens was always in control of his game following an early pawn sacrifice and dominated as his opponent struggled against both John and the clock. So with Broadstairs leading 2 – 1, all the pressure was on Board 3 and Tom Lovegrove who was still seeking his chess match fitness and a win. The game started steadily and there was nothing to choose between either player but after a fairly dull three hours the position became very complex. Would Tom take his opponent’s knight with a rook sacrifice enabling Broadstairs to go on to win and would he get his calculations right? He played safe, making the sensible choice in the context of the match, resulting in a well-deserved win, his opponent quickly crumbling under time pressure and resigning as his queen was about to be lost.


Broadstairs 2    Folkestone  5

1 David Faldon (170) ½-½         Jim Bayford (188)
2 Bob Page (141) ½-½         David Shire (179)
3 Paul Carfrae (132) 0-1         John Atherton (164)
4 John Couzens (131) 0-1         Kevin Smyth (160)
5 Andy Flood (113) 0-1         Martin Cutmore (158)
6 David Wheatley (106) ½-½         David Erwee (115)
7 Bob Cronin (101) ½-½         Chris Siebert (107)

David Faldon writes:

A short report this week as my game kept me busier than usual.

It was a close match, despite the 2-5 final score. Boards 6 and 7 were drawn by 9pm. Boards 3 and 5 didn’t last much longer as Paul and Andy (both playing black) were ground down by vastly superior force. That left us needing 2½ points from the last three games to tie the match – and we nearly got them.

The board 1 game was wild all the way with pawns and pieces sacrificed (mostly by me) for the attack. At one point I missed a clear win but in the end the queens got swapped off and the attacks petered out. As time ran down, both players decided they stood worse, so a draw was agreed.

Board 2 was a more positional game, but no less tense. Bob P defended stoutly against a very strong opponent and got his reward (a draw) when he managed to swap queens and rooks, leaving David S with not enough material to force a win.

The board 4 game see-sawed back and forth. John stood worse out of the opening but took advantage of a slip to win a pawn – and a very nice protected passed pawn it was too. Kevin didn’t give up, though. He blockaded the passed pawn and John’s attempt to lift the blockade backfired spectacularly.

Many thanks to everyone who turned out to play. We gave a very strong Folkestone team a tough match.

Broadstairs  4       Woodnesborough  0

1. Andy Flood   (113) 1-0       Mark Towlson (101)
2. David Wheatley (106) 1-0      Bryan Rodwell  (100)
3. Reg Pidduck    (104) 1-0       Rens Bossers  (e 60)
4. Bob Cronin  (101) 1-0        Susan Green  (47)

Reg Pidduck writes:

Although we outgraded this Woody team on every board,  it was hard work.

BOARD 2.  David was first to wear down Brian Rodwell to set us into a lead. Although I was sitting next to them, my game was taking all my attention:  1 -0 to us.

BOARD 1.  Following a shaky start with a French Defence, Andy gradually got back to an even position. After swapping off pieces, he was able to get a passed pawn. With more pieces coming off, the pawn was out of Mark’s reach and he resigned: 2-0 to us.

BOARD 4.  Bob’s game against Sue Green looked likely for a long time to be the first to finish as she had lost her queen for a bishop. But a tenacious Sue kept Bob at bay, ducking and diving in the hope Bob would mess up. Eventually her luck ran out and Bob secured our third win: 3-0 to us

BOARD 3 .  Young Rens Bossers,  at an estimated grade of 60, could prove to be a vital asset to the Woody team as his concentration on the game and his time taken on every move took all my attention in our three-hour game. Finally I was able to win a bishop and wear him down.

So, a hard fought 4-0 win to us.   That is now played three won three in our quest for the Walker Cup.


Broadstairs 1½    Bridge A 5½

1 David Faldon (170) ½-½         Richard Eales (201)
2 Alan Gosman (149) ½-½         Arnaud Wisman (178)
3 Bob Page (141) 0-1         Shany Rezvany (157)
4 Paul Carfrae (132) 0-1         James Essinger (155)
5 John Couzens (131) ½-½         Patrick Burns (e137)
6 Andy Flood (e114) 0-1         Tim Spencer (e120)
7 David Wheatley (106) 0-1         Shahid Sahi (107)

David Faldon writes:

On the positive side, we made three draws in three very different ways. Board 1 was short and violent, with David finding a neat temporary knight sacrifice to defuse a dangerous situation. Board 5 was mid-length with middling levels of violence until most of the pieces suddenly vanished leaving a dead drawn opposite-coloured bishops ending. Board 2 was the best game of the match, with Alan and Arnaud swapping threats until both players ran short of time, at which point the player shortest of time, Arnaud, gave up trying to win and blocked the position.

Bob, on Board 3, also played a good game, defending hard for 60+ moves in a cramped position. His efforts went unrewarded, though, when Shany found a way to break through. Of the other three games, it’s probably best to say as little as possible – three tough opponents and three tactical accidents.

The other positive to take is that we have only two weeks to wait for our next match, Folkestone at home. Should be a doddle!

Broadstairs 5½    Margate 1½

1 David Faldon (170) ½-½           Peter McGill  (152)
2 David Horton (164) 1-0           Harry Sharples (151)
3 Bob Page (141) 1-0           Clive Le Baigue (118)
4 Paul Carfrae (132) ½-½           Colin Gregory (117)
5 John Couzens (131) ½-½           Leon Garfield (101)
6 Andy Flood (e114) 1-0           John Clarke (86)
7 Bob Cronin (101) 1-0           Ashley Cordery (41)

David Faldon writes:

By 10 pm three results had been agreed, three draws. The draw on board 1 was sensible and a bit dull but the other two certainly weren’t. On board 4 one player dropped a piece, then the other, leading to deadlock. That was exciting, but the chaos on board 5 made board 4 look like a nil-nil draw. All sorts of weird stuff happened but the main action was John sacrificing (?) a rook for four passed pawns. That sounds like a promising deal for John, especially as his opponent was short of time, but the catch was that (to this outsider) all four passed pawns looked doomed. The one difficulty for Leon seemed to be in deciding which pawn to take first. Unexpectedly he chose to take none of them – instead he offered John a draw. Phew, I thought, a lucky escape for our man, but no … John saw a chance to set a nasty trap so he turned down the draw offer. The trap duly misfired and the passed pawns disappeared, leaving John down to one rook against two with no extra pawns. Fortunately Leon was almost as short of time as John was of rooks.

The other four games finished in four wins for Broadstairs, but none of them straightforward. Board 2 was a splendid game with David H sacrificing a pawn (just a pawn?) for long-term pressure. Harry defended really well, but in the end the pressure told. 2½ – 1½

On board 3, Bob P got a good position from the opening but then he dropped a whole piece for nothing. Not so good. The only positive was that Clive still had most of his pieces on their home squares. This gave Bob a chance, a small chance. It probably shouldn’t have been enough to win, but Bob cleverly kept his opponent tied up and eventually something went right. 3½ – 1½

The board 6 game was another hard-fought one, where John Clarke won a central pawn early on with a neat three-move trick. Andy fought back well and never looked like losing, but it took buckets of effort to turn the game around. 4½ – 1½

Board 7 saw more chaos. Opposite-side castling lead to big attacks on both kings. At one point Bob C had trapped his opponent’s queen AND had a mating attack of his own but the next time I looked the queen had escaped and the mating attack had stalled. More chances came and went until Bob found a pretty rook sacrifice to force the win. 5½ – 1½

Our second victory of the season. 5½ to 1½ sounds like a big win, and it is, but our opponents put up a great fight despite being heavily outgraded on every board. Let’s hope we can do as well next week against Bridge A when we’ll be the ones that are outgraded.