No apology is required for offering a second game by Nick McBride as our Game of the Week.  It may well be a reflection on Broadstairs Chess Club but it is, in effect, more a reflection on Nick and his chess. He did not play enough games before the July grading list to qualify for a grade and on the basis of his games in the early part of the season he was awarded an estimated grade of 160. Since then he has played enough for a re-assessment and, taking everything in account, this has been agreed at 181. It may well be officially re-assessed when the new grades come out in January but in the meantime, let’s appreciate Nick’s games for what they are. This was a well-played game which, when we all looked at it, offered nothing nothing for White who appeared to be in total zugzwang – which Nick later admitted – until he found 30.c5!

White:  Nick McBride (e160)   Black:  Martin Cutmore (178)       

Millar Cup v Folkestone

This might be the first time one of Nick McBride’s games has been selected for Game of the Week but it is unlikely to be the last. The featured game comes from our recent Millar Cup match with Bridge A and is a positional masterpiece in the view of this far less talented commentator. As David Faldon says in his report on the match, see if you can work out where Nick’s a1 rook is heading…

White: Nick McBride (e160)            Black: Shany Rezvany (170)

Millar Cup v Bridge A 


First up in the new season is our very own Michael Doyle.  This fine win was Broadstairs’ only full point in the recent Millar Cup defeat at the hands of a typically strong Bridge B side. As usual, we were outgraded on every board but that did not stop Michael who, furthermore, was the first to finish.

White: Michael Doyle (90)            Black: Tim Spencer (130)

Millar Cup v Bridge B