The latest Game of the Week is a topsy-turvy battle from last week’s Hargreaves Shield match against Folkestone. As Andy Flood said in his report, the match was in the balance for a long time and deciding the winner on Board 4 was by no means clear. Have a look at the following game which, while by no means faultless, is entertaining and appropriately full of fireworks. It also eventually proved to be a crucial win both for Michael and Broadstairs.

White:  Robert Twigg (77)      Black:  Michael Doyle (90)

 Hargreaves Shield v Folkestone (a)

We welcomed several new players to the club in 2018 and four of them played in our first Millar Cup match of the season at Folkestone. One of the four, Trefor Owens, could not have made a better start with this terrific win. Perhaps we should instigate a Game of the Season because this one would certainly be a front runner: when did you last sacrifice your queen on move 10 – and win? Although it was in a losing cause as Broadstairs were beaten by Folkestone – just our luck to produce a team with an average of 153 and come up against a side averaging 160 – it was very satisfying that two of our new members got off to winning starts against strong opponents and we look forward to more of the same in the future. Well played, Trefor, and thanks for adding your comments on the game.

White:  Martin Cutmore (173)      Black:  Trefor Owens (167)

 Millar Cup v Folkestone (a)

The club championship at Broadstairs for the Goodall Cup is well under way and our first contender for Game of the Week features two newish members, Trefor Owens and Richard Clement, who both joined the club last year. Perhaps describing this as Game of the Week is slightly misleading as Trefor didn’t know how he lost and Richard didn’t know how he won.  You may wonder, therefore, why it was selected. Well, a player beating an opponent almost forty points stronger is always worth sharing with a wider audience in my opinion.  Fortunately, both players have added their comments so you can make up your own mind. A curious postscript to this game is that it was the first in the Goodall Cup for either player. Both will remember it for different reasons.

White:   Richard Clement (128)      Black:  Trefor Owens (167)

 Goodall Cup 2018/19