White to Move

I hope that you all found the exciting move Qc7, with many threats including Qe7 mate and Qxf4

  1. Qc7   Bxc7 (…Bxh6 2. Qe5 mate)  2. g5 Mate

There have been many exciting games this week, in the Thanet League of course and in the FTX Crypto Cup, with the usual suspects, including Carlsen and Nepo. However our game of choice is from the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix taking place in Gibraltar.

The event has already seen some exciting games, and as I write this the joint leaders are Zhansaya Abdumalik and Mariya Muzychuk. My chosen game is the battle between Mariya’s sister Anna and Alina Kashlinskaya

Please enjoy another fighting game.

 White:  Kashlinskaya, Alina       Black:  Muzychuk, Anna

Gibraltar FIDE Women’s Grand Prix

Our position today shows White in a very attacking position, having driven the enemy King into the open.

Can you find the move that forces a winning combination

White to Move

Anish Giri played the excellent move a4!!

1.a4  bxa4  2. Rxc5  dxc5 3. f4 and the Bishop does an amazing job, not only can neither queenside pawn safely promote but White will play g4/g5 and win the pinned Knight

We had five decisive games in the Thanet League this week and some very good performances. I have chosen another game where the advantage swung from player to player.

Please enjoy a very exciting fighting game, that shows that both players can play excellent chess. It is also another great example that chess is a sport and one move can change everything

 White:  Shamaka       Black:  RichardDavies