Apologies for the delayed match report. I have been very busy away from chess

Our team travelled to the very strong Bridge Club. (Bridge is a village just outside Canterbury, this was a chess match and not a card game!)

Unfortunately a hiccup meant that we had to default a board, however the troops played superbly well and ‘drew’ the other six boards 3-3 – meaning that Bridge turned out the victors on the night by 4 – 3

I hope that doesn’t sound too confusing!

Our opponents mentioned two games where our players were superb, on board 5 the in form Dominic Blundell played a terrific game to beat his higher rated opponent, the same thing happened on board 3 where Manoj Natarajan found a very entertaining attack. One of the games will feature as our next Game of the Week

24.2.2022 match report by Andrew Flood

Two evenly matched teams who drew 2 – 2 in the home Broadstairs match were to have another close encounter.

An early important result was Michael Jenkinson on Board 4 who manged to secure a key half point playing with the black pieces in his second outing of the season. Typical of the evening it was a game that could have gone either way but ended in draw. Against the former Broadstairs player Mike Doyle it proved to be a crucial and valuable half point.

With Broadstairs having the edge in 2 of the remaining matches, the next game to finish was the top board that saw Margate secure a win. It was an intense game that saw Paul Carfrae losing out to his higher rated opponent.

Dominic was playing well on Board 2 against the difficult to beat Colin Gregory, but through some clever play and a Queen exchange for two Rooks he managed to do just that and secure a win to make the match all square at 1.5 points each. So the result was dependent on the final Board 3 match. Andrew Flood with the whit pieces went a Pawn up after move 2 and had the early advantage but Margate’s Leon Garfield fought back strongly to smash through white’s central Pawns, capturing 2 of them for Margate to go 1 Pawn towards the end of the middle game.

An exchange of rooks and bishops saw that pawn lost and Broadstairs gain a small advantage through the more centralised positioning of the King. With just a single tempo move advantage Broadstairs were able to gain all the points as the “a file” Pawn protected by the King advanced to become a Queen.

A match that Leon and Margate didn’t deserve to lose, but lose they did by 1.5 points to 2.5 points. Full result below.



1.5 – 2.5

Peter McGill 1825

1 – 0

Paul Carfrae 1683
Colin Gregry 1615

0 – 1

Dominic Blundell 1630
Leon Garfield 1480

0 – 1

Andrew Flood 1593
Michael Doyle 1383 0.5 – 0.5 Michael Jenkinson 1300


As promised here is the game played between Manoj and Trefor

Manoj came into the game in great form, following a thrilling victory last week against one of Kent’s stronger players

As you will see, in this game Manoj dominated the board and completely outplayed Trefor. He deserved a win but chess, like life, isn’t always fair. Rather than resigning Trefor played on for any slim chance that would come his way and, luckily for him it did.

So the game was a draw but it can clearly be seen that only one player can be proud of his performance

Enjoy the game

 White:  Natarajan, Manoj     Black:  Owens, Trefor

Goodall Cup

Very nearly another Valentine’s Day Massacre

Yet more excitement in the in the Goodall Cup.

Current leader Manoj continued his excellent recent form with a brutal game against his higher rated opponent, Trefor, sadly Manoj made one poor move in a completely winning position to allow Trefor off the hook with an undeserved draw. See the Game of the Week

Andy also played with flair and was able to overpower David to score the full point. Another exciting game was between Dominic and Paul V. Again the lower rated player showed no fear and achieved a dominating passed pawn which won the game for him.

The final game was Mike v Reg, with colours reversed from their first round game. On this occasion in a very double edged game Reg eventually came out trumps.

The club looks forward to more exciting games next week

The Bradstow Mill benefitted from the Christmas lights shining brightly, once the flashing programme was sorted, alas in the match Sandwich outshine Broadstairs Chess Club.

The experienced Harry Sharples on board 1 playing white dominated the early opening moves, with Manoj having to make up time from a late start and having the black pieces. Manoj fought back very strongly to get parity but then blundered a pawn before having to concede the game, for an early Sandwich point and lead.

Paul Carfrae battled with Jon Hunt on Board 2 in a tight match before a draw was agreed to get Broadstairs first half point of the evening.

Dominic Blundell with the Black pieces eventually lost a close game against his opponent which meant that Sandwich had won the match.

On board 4 one of the nights tightest battles was continuing. After 2 hours nothing to choose between Fredy Reber’s position and that if his opponent Mike Davies. After 3 hours the position was unchanged with both having 7 pawns and equal minor pieces. Mike did have a double pawn though. With the clock-time reducing and only minutes left before the full-time control of 3.5 hours had passed, a deserved draw was agreed with both players playing near faultless chess in an evenly balanced game.

So a 3 – 1 result in favour of Sandwich.


1 – 3

Manoj Natarajan 1780

0 – 1

Harry Sharples 1780
Paul Carfrae 1683

1/2 – 1/2

Jon Hunt 1684
Dominic Blundell 1630

0 – 1

John Thorley 1600
Fredy Reber 1300 (1188)

1/2 – 1/2

Mike Davies 1300 (1278