Black to Play

In this recent game Black could have lashed out with

1….. Qxd1  2. Rxd1  Rxd1+  3. Kh2 Ng4+  4. Kh3  Rh1+ and Black is winning

Black is a pawn down and has some concerns regarding King safety.

However his pieces are better developed, can you find the best move?

Black to Play

Our game this week was played 90 years ago, but is topical because of the recent discussion regarding the superb Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit and Georgian GM Nona Gaprindashvili. GM Gaprindashvili is to sue the show for claims that the fictional Beth Harmon was the first female player to take on top male chess players.

However, maybe the ‘original’ Beth Harmon was in fact Vera Menchik.

Vera Menchik was the first Women’ World Champion, and, to my knowledge, played against at least 5 players who had been/were or would be World Champion.

These were Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe and Botvinnik

Sadly Menchik was killed in 1944 when a German V1 rocket hit her home in London.

Here is one of her nicest games, played against the strong English player

 White:  Menchik, Vera     Black:  Thomas, George Alan

London 1932

Our game this week was played in the final round of the Online Olympiad between the powerful teams from Russia and USA

It is a very attacking game with a very beautiful finish. Please enjoy with my short notes

 White:  Kosteniuk, Alexandra     Black:  Krush, Irina

Online Olympiad Final Round – 15th September 2021