Broadstairs  1½          Bridge  2½

1. Paul Carfrae (132)          ½-½      Patrick Burns (e130)

2. John Couzens  (131)       0-1       Shahid Sahi (107)

3. Tom Lovegrove (117)     0-1       Tim Spencer (e100)

4. Andy Flood (e114)          1-0       Graeme Boxall (98)


Bob Page writes:

Broadstairs’ second match in this season’s Hargreaves Shield ended in a narrow defeat. Despite outgrading the Bridge players on all four boards, none of the home players ever looked comfortable although, ironically, it may have been John who had the best chances early on.  He seemed to have got the better of the middle game but he missed the best continuation and once the minor pieces came off, his opponent’s more advanced king was decisive in the ensuing K+P ending.  0-1

Paul seemed to have the better of his game on board one but he struggled to make a breakthrough and when he was forced to settle for a draw, we knew it would be difficult with Andy and Tom both needing to win for the team to emerge victorious.   ½-1½

Andy had a slight advantage for most of his game but he was faced with a tricky rook and pawn ending with pawns on opposite sides of the board.  Skilfully, he managed to force the rooks off to ensure that his passed pawn would queen first.   1½-1½

By now, Tom’s game had gained quite an audience. Although little appeared to be happening, everyone realised that this was the crucial game. Suddenly the game came alive: with his bishop trapped in the middle of the board, Tom cleverly sacrificed his knight, creating the space to retreat the previously trapped bishop to threaten his opponent’s queen. Tom’s draw offer was declined and it looked as if this may have been an unwise decision as he threatened to win a rook but skilful defence forced him to settle for the exchange. From then on the game swung to and fro but time counted in the end, Tom having to sacrifice his rook for a passed pawn and the game was lost. 1½-2½

A disappointing result but full credit to the players from Bridge.


David Faldon (170) v Richard Eales (201) (Broadstairs v Bridge: Millar Cup 2014)

White: Edmund Horton  (no relation)               Black: David Horton   (Postal game 1988)



Broadstairs 3    Margate 1


1 Paul Carfrae (132) 1-0 Colin Gregory (117)
2 John Couzens (131) 1-0 John Clarke (86)
3 Tom Lovegrove (117) 0-1 James Maskell (80)
4 Andy Flood (e114) 1-0 Justin Baker (55)


Bob Page writes:

Broadstairs began their defence of the Hargreaves Shield with a hard-fought but ultimately comfortable win over Margate.  After a cautious start on all four boards, the match came to life when Tom managed to lose a queen and piece in quick succession. Resign? Not a bit of it. Rather like the knight in the Monty Python film that insisted on continuing to fight with no arms and legs, Tom conspired to give away all his pieces until, one move from mate, he finally accepted the inevitable.  0-1

Gradually the other three games appeared to heading Broadstairs’ way.  On Board 1 Colin was falling behind on time and, having picked up a pawn early on, Paul skilfully manoeuvred his rooks and knight to gain a clear advantage. In time pressure Colin blundered a second pawn and resigned.  1-1

On Board 4 Andy was in the rare position of being ahead on time for much of his game. Needlessly giving away a pawn, his opponent came under pressure from a combination of Andy’s advancing pawns and supporting pieces.  With his time fast running out, Justin made several mistakes, lost pieces and resigned.  2-1

For a long time it seemed that John would be the second to finish after Tom.  He won two pawns early in his game and appeared not only to have a superior position but also to be well ahead on time. However, he could not find the killer move and desperate defence from John Clarke took the game beyond 10.00.  Time pressure eventually decided the outcome and, in John’s words, a ‘boring’ game gave Broadstairs victory.  3-1

Broadstairs 3½    Bridge ½


1 Andy Flood (e114) 1-0 Cal Hewitt (111)
2 David Wheatley (106) 1-0 Graeme Boxall (98)
3 Reg Pidduck (104) ½-½ Ian Redmond (86)
4 Bob Cronin (101) 1-0 Ray Rennells (82)


Reg Pidduck writes:

Board 3: Lost advantage.  This game looked quite even at first until Reg blocked in Ian’s rook, which he then had to swap for a bishop and two pawns. So still even? The endgame revealed no advantage for Reg’s rook so in desperation he swapped it for Ian’s knight but to no effect and the game was drawn.


Board 4: Pawns galore. During the first hour of play I kept looking over to Bob’s game and he seemed to be picking off Ray’s pawns at will. With such a great advantage he swapped off as many pieces as possible and won comfortably.

1½-½ to us

Board 2: David wins again.  After an even game, David finally got an advantage by swapping off the last two main pieces which gave him an extra pawn. With his king in a good position, he was able to win.

2½-½ to us

Board 1:  Draws declined.  Once we had won the match, Andy asked for a draw in a very even game with which was declined.  From then Andy’s position got better and better so Cal asked for a draw which then Andy declined and he duly won in crushing style.


A terrific win