The British Championships are over for another year and Jonathan Hawkins emerged as the outright winner following his sharing of the title last year.  Hawkins was the only winner from the top four boards in the last round to finish with 8½/11. The Best Game prize went to Glenn Flear for the second consecutive year, this time for his win against Mark Hebden.  It featured as Andrew Martin’s Game of the Day for round four and can be seen and heard here.  Alternatively, you can play it through yourself without Andrew’s comments.

White: Glenn Flear (2450)     Black:  Mark Hebden (2500)
2015 British Chess Championships (University of Warwick)

For those curious to know, Broadstairs’ David Faldon scored 3/5 in the U180 section, losing his fourth game but winning in round five to finish 8=/36. Next year the championships move to Bournemouth – well worth a visit.

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