And so the Broadstairs members can finally have a breather – all three weeks of it – at the end of the 2016/17 season before we reconvene for the new season with the AGM in September. Yesterday (14th) saw the final club night of the club year and, appropriately, it was left to the final session to decide the club champion. The Goodall Cup has been awarded every year since 1950 to the winner of the club championship and in recent years David Faldon has made it almost a private possession, having won outright or shared the trophy for each of the past six seasons. David Horton’s move to Cheltenham last year should have left the door wide open but wait….who is this upstart appearing from the wings attempting to challenge David’s domination? Why, it’s Nick McBride, only one point below David in the latest ECF grading list and half a point behind him in the Goodall after twelve games. If Nick could beat David in their final game, he would win the Goodall Cup for the first time and it would be David’s first defeat.

White: Nick McBride  (173)     Black: David Faldon (174)

Broadstairs Club Championship 2017

David then offered a draw – all he needed – which  Nick reluctantly accepted and David won his seventh Goodall Cup.  It was an interesting game but perhaps David’s unusual and not especially successful opening gave Nick the initiative that very nearly came off.

A few weeks ago we mentioned David’s start in the Over 50 section of the British Championship at Llandudno. His final score of +1 =4 -2 was respectable in a section easily won by GM John Nunn. Reference was made to an early draw that David achieved against IM Paul Littlewood and, not surprisingly, this is the game with which David was most pleased so here it is.

White: David Faldon  (174)     Black: Paul Littlewood (221)

British Championship 2017 (Over 50 section) 

As the season draws to a close, I can hear the landlord ringing last orders for the Thanet Chess Congress.  I am never sure if our congress heralds the start of a new season or the end of the old. I suspect for us it is the latter but for those who have played little chess since Easter, probably the former. If you have not entered yet, there is still time as I write:



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