The race for this year’s club championship has finished and the result is a tie between David Faldon and David Horton who will share the Goodall Cup.  It is an especially worthy achievement for David Horton to be joint winner in this his fiftieth year as a member of Broadstairs Chess Club. He first won the Goodall Cup in 1966. It is also a notable achievement for David Faldon as this is his fifth victory in the competition either outright or as joint winner in as many years.  Congratulations to both Davids.  With so much at stake, it seems entirely appropriate that their match should be played right at the end of the season.  David Faldon had to win to share the trophy which he did but no-one expected the game to be over quite so quickly or to be decided in such spectacular fashion.

White: David Faldon (175)     Black:  David Horton (167)
Broadstairs Club Championship 2015



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