The problem with many club championships is that few players have a chance of winning anything. At Broadstairs we have a trophy for the player in the lower half of the league who achieves the highest score at the end of the season. This is the Zielinski Shield, named after Alek Zielinski, a long-standing club member no longer with us.  The current holder of the shield is Michael Doyle and he is on course to win it again, especially if he plays many more games like this one. In his own words: “Vying for the Zielinski Shield, Mike Doyle goes all out to destroy John Couzens’ Sicilian Defence with a knight sacrifice on move thirteen and has already scored seven points in the bottom half of the club championship.”

White:   Michael Doyle  (81)    Black:  John Couzens (116)

Goodall Cup

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