It’s been a while since we had one of David’s games featured as Game of the Week so it is a pleasure to redress the balance with this fine victory in the knockout semi-final. Let’s hear what David has to say about his win:

‘My 13.Be2 and 14.Qe1 were quite subtle, threatening to trap Black’s queen. Nick could have escaped with just the loss of a pawn or two but he spotted a neat counter-trick with 16…Nb4, expecting that I would have to play 17.Bd3 in order to stop the mate on c2. Unfortunately for Nick, I had an even better move in 17.Nce4, after which he has to drop at least a knight in order to save his queen.’  

White:   David Faldon (174)    Black:  Nick McBride (176)

John Couzens Vase

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