Broadstairs   3½      Folkestone  ½                      

1 Richard Clement (129) 1-0 David Erwee (100)
2 Chris Stampe (124) 1-0 Andrew Haycock (96)
3 Gary Hilleard (119) ½-½ Mike White (62)
4 John Couzens (117) 1-0  default

Andy Flood writes:

A very strong Broadstairs team retained the Hargreaves Shield in their final Hargreaves match of the season and in so doing maintained a 100% win record beating both Bridge and Folkestone home and away. In truth, Folkestone were always going to be up against it. Defaulting on board 4, they were 1 – 0 down from the beginning and outgraded substantially on all boards. They did, however, benefit from being white on two of the three boards and all those playing white (including Michael White) got off to a strong start, none more so than Chris Stampe who was dominant from move 1 chasing his opponent’s knight around the board, and posing numerous threats before his opponent resigned, thereby maintaining his personal 100% win record.  At 2 – 0 down, Folkestone still had an outside chance of getting a draw as they were on top on board 3 and had started well on board 1, gaining early material advantage. However, Richard won back a piece and with solid play recovered well from a less than ideal position to comfortably win and secure the points and a match win for Broadstairs. The final game to finish was on board 3 where from being two pawns down, Gary rallied in the endgame to win the pawns back before agreeing a draw with his opponent who had played a very good game throughout.

Editor’s note: The Hargreaves Shield is the third trophy won by Broadstairs this season. The team was a strong one as Andy said but matches still have to be won. Well done to everyone who has played for the team this season – the four in this match together with Andy Flood and Michael Doyle.

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