Broadstairs   4       Woodnesborough   0


1. Paul Carfrae (132) 1-0       Kit Blundell (e128)
2. John Couzens (131) 1-0       Mark Towlson (101)
3. Andy Flood (113) 1-0       Roy Dawson  (75)
4. Reg Pidduck (104) 1-0       Rens Bossers (e60)

Andy Flood writes:

The final game of the season saw the Hargreaves team travel to Woodnesborough knowing that a win would secure the runners up spot for Broadstairs.

Outgrading opponents on all boards, John Couzens was the first to secure a convincing win on board 2. Reg followed on board 4 with another win for black. I managed to secure maximum points with a win, which only left Paul playing on the top board.  As we weighed up the decision whether to stay or drive back to Broadstairs, the scales were tipping in favour of leaving Paul, a piece down in a lost position.

Paul offered a draw which was quickly declined and the game was concluded in seconds with little more than the blink of an eye. No, not a 3 – 1 win but a 4 – 0 win to Broadstairs as Paul (Houdini) Carfrae quickly exchanged rooks and mated a shocked opponent on the back rank with his other rook and a clever use of his advanced pawn. The shock of Paul’s opponent was only exceeded by Paul’s own amazement at securing a win from a lost position in such a short time.

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