women's world championshipHou Yifan, trumpeted by me in January during her performance in the Tata Steel Tournament, has regained her world title after defeating her Ukrainian opponent,  Mariya Muzychuk (pictured with Hou on the right) 6-3. Hou won three games and drew the others, finally winning the match after Mariya pushed too hard for a win in Game 9 in order to force the match into a tenth game. Hou is now both the world champion and number one female player in the world.  Although the winning game was Game 9, the crucial victory for Hou was Game 6, one where Mariya had good chances but where defeat left her two points behind with only four games to go.

White:  Mariya Muzychuk (2563)          Black: Hou Yifan (2667)

Women’s World Chess Championship (Lviv) 2016  Game 6

White resigns

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