Broadstairs  2½         Bridge A 4½ 

1 Nick McBride  (173) 0-1    Vishnu Singh (205)
2 Paul Carfrae (133) 0-1    Richard Eales (195)
3 Richard Clement (e130) 0-1    Alan Atkinson (173)
4 John Couzens (116) 1-0    Patrick Burns (156)
5 Reg Pidduck (107) ½-½    Jeff Green (e150)
6 Bob Cronin ½-½    Ian Redmond (75)
7 Michael Doyle (81) ½-½    Ray Rennells (75)

Reg Pidduck writes:

This was a match of two halves – top three and bottom three – with star of the evening John Couzens in the middle on Board 4, winning in style against his much higher graded opponent. John’s swap-off left him a check to pick up an easy rook and Patrick resigned. I had already finished with a draw after 32 moves when Jeff had no choice than to keep repetitive moves on my queen to thwart my attempt of mating him. When Bob and Ian on Board 6 agreed a draw soon afterwards, Broadstairs were looking good at 2-1 as the other games looked close. Michael Doyle on Board 7 had gone a queen down to a rook but crafty play by him got him the exchange back and half hour later a draw was agreed. So at 2½-1½ to us we slowly watched Bridge take control. First to go was Richard on Board 3 after looking in good shape with a passed pawn. Alan was never going to let him advance it and after forcing Richard away was able to pick it up and slowly squeeze Richard away to pick off the remaining pawns. Although Richard Eales on Board 2 had used up more time, Paul was slowly running out of good choice moves and the inevitable happened to Paul after his long hard struggle. So now at 3½-2½ down we were looking at Nick facing 23 year old International Master Vishnu Singh (also by the way the 5th highest graded player for Trinidad and Tobago) to halve the match. Nick held on gamely to be last to finish and resigned after Vishnu’s pressure was too much. So a 4½-2½ loss but a very enjoyable evening – especially for Gullbuster John – and many thanks to the Bridge players.


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