Broadstairs  2        Folkestone   5

1 David Faldon (175) 0-1  Jim Bayford (181)
2 Trefor Owens (167) ½-½  Martin Cutmore (177)
3 Shany Rezvany (163) ½-½  David Shire (169)
4 Arnaud Wisman (155) 0-1  Kevin Smyth (165)
5 Bob Page (142) 1-0  John Atherton (161)
6 Paul Carfrae (141) 0-1  Matthew Cussens (152)
7 Richard Clement (129) 0-1  David Erwee (100)

David Faldon writes:

Two strong teams fought out a close match, and in the end the better team won. What’s not to like, apart from the fact that the better team on this occasion was Folkestone. The first result in was a hard-fought draw on board 2, then came a win for Broadstairs on board 5 when Bob calmly took advantage of his opponent’s time pressure. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got for Broadstairs as the next four results were all wins for Folkestone. Shany’s stubborn defence an exchange down (bishop for rook) on board 3 saw him save the draw, but that was too late to turn the match. A clear three point margin sounds a lot, but we were very close to winning on boards 1 and 4, which would have been enough to turn the match in our favour. Still, we have to congratulate Folkestone who have thereby taken what looks to be a decisive lead in the race for the Millar Cup. Folkestone have 3 wins from 3 games, we have 2 wins from 4, Bridge have 1 win from 3 and Margate just the 2 losses so far. Folkestone only need one win and a tie from their last three matches (one against Bridge and two against Margate).

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