Broadstairs  3         Margate   4 

1 David Faldon (174) 1-0   Dennis Stokes-Carter (152)
2 Bob Page (135) 1-0    def.
3 Paul Carfrae (133) 0-1    John Thorley (145)
4 def. 0-1   Peter McGill (144)
5 Reg Pidduck (107) 0-1   David Rogers (134)
6 Andy Flood (106) 0-1    Colin Gregory (122)
7 Bob Cronin (104) 1-0    John Clarke (104)

Defeat in this match was not so much a car crash but a car crash may well have contributed to our defeat.  An accident on the Sandwich by-pass delayed Harry Sharples and Richard Clement and both wisely turned round once it was clear they would not make the 30-minute cut-off point. So the match stood at 1-1 almost before it had started. Bob C was the first to finish, having carved up John Clarke with impressive ease to give Broadstairs a 2-1 lead.  Things were closer elsewhere. Reg lost a piece early on then won it back but was eventually outplayed for the second time this season by the impressive David Rogers (2-2).  Paul looked to have had a level game with John Thorley but he was eventually ground down and we were now 3-2 behind. David can always be relied upon to steady the ship and he beat another of Margate’s promising young players, Dennis Stokes-Carter, to level the match at 3-3. The result now rested on Andy whose game with Colin was always tight. Afterwards Andy thought he should have drawn but Colin played well so we lost the match 4-3. It was disappointing but whereas Margate were missing one player, we were without Nick, John and Richard so perhaps defeat was not such a surprise.  Well played, Margate.

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