Broadstairs     5                Ramsgate     2 

1 David Faldon (175) 1-0         Brian Westover (153)
2 Bob Page (145) ½-½         David Williams (151)
3 Paul Carfrae (131) ½-½         Steve Guy (138)
4 John Couzens (118) 1-0         Malcolm Snashall (122)
5 Bob Cronin (112) ½-½         Brian Williamson (96)
6 Andy Flood (111) 1-0         Fred Hiron (86)
7 Reg Pidduck (106) ½-½         Josh Vaughan (77)

David Faldon writes:

Our second Millar Cup win of the season was a healthy step towards our goal of regaining the Thanet Shield from Ramsgate, last year’s winners. For a change, board 1 was first to finish. My risky plan of early queenside castling triggered a huge all-in assault as Brian sacrificed three pieces for an attack, but the white king proved hard to catch. The exchange variation of the French doesn’t have to be dull. The next four games to finish were the four draws, but none of these was exactly dull either. Bob P on board 2 found a nice move to defuse some annoying pressure and Bob C on board 5 scored his first half-point of the season with a very well-judged game from beginning to end. The board 7 game was equally well-played on both sides. The most exciting of the draws, however, was on board 3. Paul got a passed pawn to the sixth rank and seemed poised for victory, only for Steve to save himself with a clever rook-for-bishop sacrifice. By the time the last of these four draws was agreed, both of the remaining games looked very promising for us, and so it proved. First John wrapped up his game on board 4 when he took his passed f-pawn in for a touchdown and then Andy completed our 5-2 victory with a neat demonstration of the mischief you can cause with two knights against two bishops. All in all, a very satisfying win. Let’s hope this good form can carry over into the new year.

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