The club returned for the New Year with a trio of exciting games in the Goodall Cup.

Current leader Manoj continued his excellent form with a brilliant tactical display against Andy, gaining a big advantage in the middle game before finding a superb tactic pushing his d pawn to the 7th forcing a resignation. Tactics also flowed in the game between Trefor and Dominic. Dominic played too many pawn moves in the opening phase leaving his King open to an attack on the light squares. His only defence was to shed material which quickly led to a losing position. The 3rd game was also a closely fought and exciting affair. Reg battled well and was the exchange up, but Paul had a couple of extra pawns and Reg’s King was open to attack. Paul too victory with a very nice combination

STEELE CUP Monday 29th November 2021 match report by Andrew Flood.

The Bradstow Mill was brighter than normal with the Christmas lights shining brightly. With evenly matched teams, would the Folkestone team outshine Broadstairs?

The experienced, and well-travelled (Folkestone is a long way away) John Atherton playing white had the early advantage on board 1 outrating Paul Carfrae who was playing on board 1 in the absence of Chris Stampe. The match went to form with Paul Carfrae coming second against his experienced opponent.

Although Broadstairs were down 1-0, the other boards were looking good for Broadstairs. Dominic was playing a strong game against his opponent and had captured his opponents Queen and looking good for a win. It was a shock when Folkestone extended their winning margine.

Fredy was playing a good steady and strong game against his opponent, and it later transpired that he had a mate in 2 opportunity during the game. Again, his opponent turned the game around to register another Folkestone success.

The game on board 3 was a long hard battle with few pieces exchanged or taken in the first 2 hours of play. gradually Broadstairs got the upper hand going 1 pawn and then 2 pawns up. With time getting late and a win already secured by Folkestone, David Erwee resigned his difficult to defend position.

So, what could have been a 3 -1 win ended up as a 3-1 loss. Not quite a steal in the Steele Cup, but a deserved Folkestone win that could have gone either way.


1 – 3


Paul Carfrae 1683

0 – 1

John Atherton 1870

Dominic Blundell 1630

0 – 1

Kingsley Elete 1545

Andrew Flood 1593

1 – 0

David Erwee 1533

Fredy Reber 1188

0 – 1

Jimmy Philllips 1350

Chess is a complicated game, a sport of course, a science and at its best a true art

Here is a puzzle that I first saw online, explained by the legendary Julian Hodgson

White to move and win!


After more exciting games, we see three players leading the chasing pack.

Arnaud, Chris and Dominic are all on 3 points and playing some great chess

Here are the latest results

Reg   0 – 1 Manoj

Paul V  1 – 0 David

Mike  1 – 0 Andy

Arnaud  1 – 0  Chris

This position was reached in a Kent Club Championship, White reacted by playing Be2, developing and breaking the pin, however he had better

  1. Nxe5  Bxd1 (forced or Black is simply a piece down) 2. Bb5+ c6  3. dxc6 and the threat of a discovered check will lead either to mate or winning the Black Queen leaving White a piece up