White to Move

White wins with the following, forced, sequence

  1.  Qe3+   Kh7 ( if Kh5 then Qg5)   2. Qe7+  Kh6 ( any other move allows Qg7 mate)  3. Qg7+  Kh5   4. Qg5 mate

We have another exciting game from the Thanet All Play All League.

White exchanges Queens very early. However this game doesn’t become positional as both players look to attack their opponent’s King with their remaining pieces – and we see that development and tempi really are essential when we play chess.

 White:  pm5       Black:  samfeuillatre

Thanet All Play All 2021

Here is the position after 2 moves from a ‘ game ‘ played yesterday between World Champion Magnus Carlsen & his top Blitz challenger Hikaru Nakamura

The players agreed a draw!

This was played in the final round of the preliminary stages of the Magnus Carlsen Invitational Event: 16 top players competing for a prize fund of $1.5M

Carlsen and Nakamura had already qualified for the Knockout rounds of the event when they played this little joke of a game

Do you think that they were entitled to take a quirky quick draw and save energy?


Do you think that they manipulated the system and made it harder for non players/sponsors to take chess seriously as a sport?

Not only are there very few pieces on the board, material is equal.

If Black had the move then the players could agree a draw, however it is White to play, can you find a forcing  way to claim the win?

White to Move