Things have been fairly quiet on the congress front but for those waiting with baited breath, I can confirm that the 2016 Thanet Congress is going ahead as usual: same venue, same weekend, same people running it although for this we need to be especially grateful to the Thanet League chairman, Alan Atkinson, who is standing in for the usual controller, Kevin Thurlow, who received an offer he could not refuse elsewhere.  Can you believe it? A better offer than running the Thanet Congress!  Well, I never. Next thing we’ll be told that Iceland could beat England at football…..

If you would like an entry form, they are available if you follow this link and click on ‘entry form’:

Online entry should be available soon via the Thanet Chess website

In the meantime, here to whet your appetite is Andrew Greet, last year’s Open champion, winning his Round 3 game with a neat finish. After the game, Andrew wrote that following White’s 25th move ‘Black could have resigned, but John sportingly allowed me a pretty finish. I must have been about seven years old when I first learned the smothered mate but this was the first time I was able to play it over the board!’ 

White: Andrew Greet (237)           Black: John Anderson (214)

Thanet Congress 2015

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