Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. No truer words have ever been said if the 46th Thanet Chess Congress is to take place this summer.   If that sounds a little melodramatic, let us put everything in perspective.  We have the usual venue which is booked.  We have sponsorship and we can expect a relatively healthy entry to cover all costs and probably make a small profit. We have a team of volunteers both within and without the committee who will arrange everything beforehand and clear up afterwards. We should have a controller although that is not confirmed yet. However, we need a congress co-ordinator (who does most of the arrangements beforehand), a congress treasurer (who sorts out the money) and a congress secretary (who deals with entries and enquiries).  This is a simplified job description and full details are available. If my opening remarks sounded sensational, they were nevertheless true: if these three posts are not filled within the next month then this year’s Thanet Congress will not take place and it is hard to see it being resurrected in the future.  So to all keen chess players both within and without Thanet, if you can help out in any way – and it is not onerous – please use the ‘Contact Us’ button or email John Clarke, the Thanet League Secretary at



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