Broadstairs  4      Bridge  0

1. Bob Cronin   (112) 1-0     Shahid Sahi (115)
2. Andy Flood   (111) 1-0     Ray Rennells (86)
3. Reg Pidduck  (106) 1-0     Graeme Boxall (85)
4. Michael Doyle (89) 1-0      Ian Redmond (78)

Reg Pidduck writes:

Even before this match got underway, Broadstairs were already Walker Shield Champions for the second year running as previous results meant we could not be caught.

BOARD 1: STILL IN FORM BOB. First to finish, Bob won an exchange early on, but in giving it back gained a two-pawn advantage. This then became three which won him the endgame. 1-0 to us.

BOARD 3: MY FAVOURITE DUTCH. My fave opening was strong but Graeme foiled all my attempts to get control. Only in the end with queens, knights and pawns was I able to get a one pawn advantage, which was enough. 2-0 to us

BOARD 2: CREDIT TO RAY. Ray Rennells was 25 points lower in grade to our Andy but put up a sterling fight to the finish. In the end a bishop to the good , Andy won. 3-0 to us

BOARD 4: EVEN CONTEST. This match between Michael and Ian was the closest of the night. Once again it was down to the pawns to fight to the last. Ian resigned when Michael broke through. A flattering 4-0 win against worthy opponents.

For 2016 we have won the Walker Shield with played 4 won 4  (shame Margate had to pull out).

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