Broadstairs   1      Folkestone    3                       

1 Andy Flood (115) 1-0 Andrew Haycock (106)
2 John Couzens (108) 0-1 David Erwee (95)
3 Nikos K-Whittaker (e104) 0-1 Ben Kiss (95)
4 Michael Doyle  (87) 0-1 Robert Twigg (80)

Michael Doyle writes:

The Broadstairs team was looking forward to this Walker Shield match against Folkestone in the New Year, outgrading them on all four boards. It was a disaster! Only Andy on the top board won as we lost 3 – 1. First to go was Nikos when he failed to castle and was in check with a rook and bishop. He resigned after his opponent threaten to take off his queen. Next to go was John on Board 2 with Black forcing him to resign with doubled up rooks on the h-file and the queen threatening mate. Better luck next time, John. With two boards fighting it out for a draw getting on for 11pm, Andy won two pawns up in the end game and your captain fought to the end with an English opening. It was down to the endgame but with a rook down, I resigned. Well done, Folkestone, for coming all that way – you deserved to win.

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