Broadstairs  2½       Herne Bay  1½

1. Bob Cronin   (112) 1-0      Ronnie Melhuish (103)
2. Andy Flood   (111) 0-1      Brian Humble (98)
3. Reg Pidduck  (106) ½-½      Jamie Dawson (76)
4. Michael Doyle (89)  1-0      John Heath  (e70)

Reg Pidduck writes:

With the grades to our advantage, it should have been easier than it was but the Herne Bay team gave us a fright.

BOARD 4 . STILL OUR SUPERSUB. Michael’s was a fairly early finish. After winning a rook for nothing, he was always in control.  1-0 to us.

BOARD 3 . DOUBLE CRAMP. This was unusual as after fifteen minutes Jamie got leg cramp and had to get up from the board for five minutes. Blow me down, after about an hour I got the same but mine lasted about ten minutes – so strange. Anyway back to the game. I got the better of Jamie’s French Defence and won a pawn, he got it back but left an isolated pawn in the middle. He stoutly defended it and twice offered a draw which I declined as boards 1 and 2 were unclear at this time. After 20 minutes of trying unsuccessfully to get an advantage I looked again at boards 1 and 2. Bob was two pawns up with rooks left on the board and was looking good, while Andy was fending off an attack. I then took a draw with Jamie. 1½-½ to us

BOARD 2 . BRIAN’S KING SIDE ATTACK. Andy’s fending off Brian’s attack lasted a good dozen moves but in the end Andy resigned. 1½-1½ – a cliffhanger.

BOARD 1 . THE PASSED PAWN. With his two pawn advantage Bob finally got a passed one, but it wasn’t easy as Ronnie used his two rooks cleverly, but Bob came up with his own scheme to get one home, and won us the match.

A  2½-1½ victory – well done team!

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