Broadstairs  3     Margate  1 

1 Reg Pidduck (107) 1-0    John Clarke (104)
2 Bob Cronin (104) 0-1    Leon Garfield (100)
3 Gary Hilleard (e100) 1-0    James Maskell (74)
4 Michael Doyle (81) 1-0    Cameron Plater (42)

Reg Pidduck writes:

BOARD 4. CAPTAIN WINS AGAIN. First to finish, Michael keeps his excellent win rate going. 1-0 to us

BOARD 1. MY FAVE DUTCH AGAIN. I got the feeling John Clarke was expecting my Dutch Defence and was well prepared for it as I struggled to get any sort of control and lost a lot of time trying for an even position. Finally, after pushing John’s pieces back, I was able to dominate an open file which won me the game. 2-0 to us

BOARD 3. NEW GARY WINS AGAIN. After finishing my game, I was able to watch the splendid battle between Gary and James.  James may only have a grade of 74 but he is a mighty opponent and it took all of Gary’s attention to win his match. Well done, both. 3-0 to us.

BOARD 2. ANOTHER EVEN MATCH. Leon finally broke through and Bob had to give up his queen for a knight. He tried to hold on  for a draw with rook and bishop against Leon’s queen and pawn but steady Leon found a way to win.

A 3-1 win for Broadstairs

Many thanks to Margate for a great evening.

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