Broadstairs   2½      Margate 1½                      

1 Bob Cronin (103) 0-1 Leon Garfield (102)
2 Reg Pidduck (101) ½-½ John Clarke (98)
3 Michael Doyle (91) 1-0 Roy McAloney (86)
4 Michael Jenkinson (78) 1-0 Cameron Plater (49)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

To stay in the running for Walker Shield, we had to beat Margate who had won both their matches. Captain Mike was the first winner against a tricky opponent. He finished a pawn up and Roy resigned before the pawn changed to a queen. Our next winner was Michael Jenkinson, who on the 14th move took his opponent’s queen with a rook: 2-0. It was hunky-dory until then but then came a blow – Bob lost to a formidable opponent in a tight game: 2-1. It was then down to Reg who was last to finish. He was up against John Clarke, who had one or two tricks up his sleeve.  It all came down to a white rook and knight against a rook and bishop. In the end a draw was agreed and Broadstairs won 2½-1½. Well done, boys! We are second in the league now and that’s a winning start to the New Year. Next on our calendar is Bridge at home. Go for it!

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