Broadstairs  4        Sheldwich P.S.   0                                       

1 Andy Flood (110) 1-0 Oli Garrett (76)
2 Bob Cronin (103) 1-0 Zeno Burns (58)
3 Michael Doyle (91) 1-0 Adam O’Meara (46)
4 Fredy Reber (58) 1-0 Will Horsford (44)

Michael Doyle writes:

It was a resounding success on Friday as Broadstairs won convincingly 4-0 over Sheldwich despite losing our first match at the start of the season to Bridge. It was Sheldwich’s first season in the Thanet and East Kent Chess League and although they had  four juniors they played well beyond their grades. On  board three our captain Mike was the first to finish. His opponent, Adam, had overlooked his queen en prise and was taken by the knight. A few moves later Mike checkmated with a rook and queen: 1-0. Next to win on board two was Bob C. He had his opponent’s queen trapped on move nineteen and it was all over in the few moves: 2-0.  On board four was Fredy, who won the George Stiggers Trophy for the most improved player last season. He was attacking with a knight fork and queen and it ended with a beautiful pawn mate on g5: 3-0 up.  The last game to finish on board one was Andy, our top player against ten-year-old Oli, who played like a seasoned pro. Andy was down to a rook and pawn ending and Oli was the same but in the end Andy forced his pawn to queen and we won 4-0. Well done lads and to Sheldwich juniors who put up a good fight.


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