Broadstairs   2      Sheldwich  2                       

1 Andy Flood (110) 0-1 Felix Coker (e85)
2 Bob Cronin (103) 0-1 Oli Garrett (76)
3 Michael Doyle (91) 1-0 Zeno Burns (45)
4 Fredy Reber (52) 1-0 Joshua Hayhoe (21)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

Slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune tell the Shakespearean story of Broadstairs’ demise in last night’s final Walker Shield match of the season. The outstanding juniors from Sheldwich Primary School, outgraded on all four boards, showed an impressive performance in a draw. Their hero, 10-year old Felix Coker, was superb as he defeated Andy on board 1. Another half a point and Broadstairs would have gone into second place in the final league standing. However, Felix had Andy under the cosh all through the game to win eventually with bishop and pawn. The usually reliable Bob C fell earlier, miscalculating his kingside attack. It left his king exposed in the middle and nine-year-old Oli Garrett was left to plunder with a rook and a queen, having created a passed pawn. Things looked more promising at the start with Mike, on board 3, and Fredy on board 4, winning against two impressive juniors, Zeno and Josh, who are underrated. Well done to the boys from Sheldwich, and judging from the whole of the season, well done to the Broadstairs lads who finish third in the Walker Shield. Next season it’s our turn to win the shield! Here’s hoping.

Editor’s note: Capt Mike was right to praise the Sheldwich boys who have benefited enormously from the experience of playing in the Walker Shield. The top two boards won impressively in this match and it should be remembered that the grades listed are July grades – Oli Garrett’s current grade is 94 and he is 52nd in the country for his age. Both he and Felix Coker are ones to watch and full credit to the boys and their coaches.


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