Broadstairs  4     Woodnesborough B  0 

1 Reg Pidduck (107) 1-0    Oli Garrett (58)
2 Bob Cronin (104) 1-0    James Gill (e24)
3 Gary Hilleard (e100) 1-0    Daniel Watkins (e23)
4 Michael Doyle (81) 1-0    Jacob Henderson (e20)

Reg Pidduck writes:

BOARD 1. NOT MANY MISTAKES. Broadstairs needed to win this 4-0. Oli may only be 8 or 9 years old but he doesn’t make any mistakes. I was only able to win tactically by going a knight up and then later a rook as well and Oli resigned. 1-0 up.

BOARD 3. ANOTHER WIN FOR GARY. No sooner had I won than Gary stood up with a win against his young opponent, Daniel. 2-0 up

BOARD 2. PASSED PAWN. Our Bob like Gary and me played a steady game and won with a passed pawn down the a-file . But well played, James. 3-0 up

BOARD 4. CAPTAIN FINISHES LAST FOR A CHANGE. Normally Michael is first to finish. So young Jacob did well to hold him off for so long. Michael set himself up to checkmate on move 32 with a queen and bishop. Jacob another promising player. 4-0 to us.

Harry, Steve and all the parents have so many up and coming (and polite) youngsters at their club. Thanks Woodnesborough for making us so welcome and carry on the good work.

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