Broadstairs  3½         Woodnesborough  ½ 

1 Reg Pidduck (107) ½-½    Steve Garrett (e82)
2 Bob Cronin (104) 1-0    David  Seunarine (e53)
3 Josh Vaughan (98) 1-0    Daniel Allen (36)
4 Michael Doyle (81) 1-0    George Allen (36)

Reg Pidduck writes:

BOARD 4. Captain Michael put his opponent’s king under threat from the start, even stopping him from castling. Finally young George resigned after a fierce attack from Michael’s knight and queen. 1-0 up.

BOARD 2. Our Bob also had a young opponent (they certainly bring them on well at the Woody club). Always in control, Bob duly won. 2-0 up.

BOARD 1. Steve Garrett’s estimated grade of 82 looked about correct after 15 moves as I was well in control. But then he played like a 110 and parried and found all the right moves to stop me breaking through and by move 37 I offered a draw which was agreed. Lovely game, Steve. Hope we play again soon. 2.5-0.5 up

BOARD 3. Daniel Allen also played well above his grade as he kept his game with Josh tight till quite late in the evening. Finally, Josh found a knight fork and Daniel’s position crumbled.

Result: a 3½-½ victory for Broadstairs. Now we have played 2 won 2.

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