The British Championships are under way, held this year at Bournemouth.  Increased sponsorship – although it is not clear who by – has strengthened the field and there are eleven grandmasters in a field of 86 in the Championship headed by Michael Adams and DavidDavid Faldon Howell. Our own David Faldon is playing in the U180 section and currently stands on 1½/3 with two rounds to go. Elsewhere, those looking for surprises may have difficulty as the opening two rounds have largely gone to form. However, a victory for an international master over a grandmaster is not to be sniffed at and this one caught my eye yesterday. Andrew Martin, a far better judge than me, was similarly impressed and chose it for his Game of the Day so if you would like a commentary on the game, go to the British Chess Championships website and click on Andrew Martin videos.

White:     Jack Rudd (2213)     Black:      Tamas Fodor (2505)

British Chess Championships 2016

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