Here’s the only bright spot in our opening half-hour against Bridge (see David’s match report). This entertaining cameo from Nick is typical of his quirky style. Enough from me – what do I know?! – let’s hear how Nick saw it.

“We both had a blind spot. At black’s 15th move I was expecting Rd8 and then the Nxe5 works better. I hadn’t noticed that by instead playing Nc8, the black Queen now covered the d8 square. 16…dxe5 would have won for him I expect. But he had the same blind spot. Our prior analysis was still affecting our thought in that position. After Nc8, 16. Qa3 would have tied black up for a good few moves.”

White:   Nick McBride (173)     Black:   Shany Rezvany  (167)

Millar Cup v Bridge A

Congratulations to Michael Doyle for another fine win in our otherwise disappointing defeat to Margate in the Mick Croft Cup. Paul Ruffle used to be a member at Broadstairs and is certainly a stronger player than his estimated 117 so this was an especially impressive performance by Michael, who is also a much better player than his grade as I am sure you will agree after playing through this game.


White:   Michael Doyle (81)     Black:   Paul Ruffle  (e117)

Mick Croft Cup v Margate

For those of you who can’t get enough top quality Broadstairs chess, here is one more from our world famous victory over Margate on Monday. Paul Carfrae was another who was outgraded by his opponent and this is a very different game from the last. Here Paul is under the cosh for most of the game, forced to ditch his normal swashbuckling style by an unorthodox White opening that ultimately backfires.

White:   John Thorley (145)     Black: Paul Carfrae  (133)

Millar Cup v Margate

Monday’s terrific win over Margate must have been a bitter blow to our local rivals who brought with them the strongest team they have put out against us for some years. Needless to say, there were some fine performances from the home side with several contenders for Game of the Week. Bob Cronin is first out of the traps with this excellent win against Clive Le Baigue who, along with Colin Gregory, having lost against Broadstairs in the Hargreaves last week, returned only to lose again.

White:   Clive Le Baigue (118)     Black: Bob Cronin  (104)

Millar Cup v Margate

This is Michael’s second entry  for Game of the Week this season and it is interesting to see how White not only manages to extricate his Queen trapped for twenty moves but goes on to win the game. The win was vital because it helped Broadstairs win a narrow match against Margate (see earlier report).

White:   Michael Doyle (81)     Black: Roy McAloney  (83)

Walker Shield v Margate