Broadstairs  2        Folkestone   5

1 David Faldon (175) 0-1  Jim Bayford (181)
2 Trefor Owens (167) ½-½  Martin Cutmore (177)
3 Shany Rezvany (163) ½-½  David Shire (169)
4 Arnaud Wisman (155) 0-1  Kevin Smyth (165)
5 Bob Page (142) 1-0  John Atherton (161)
6 Paul Carfrae (141) 0-1  Matthew Cussens (152)
7 Richard Clement (129) 0-1  David Erwee (100)

David Faldon writes:

Two strong teams fought out a close match, and in the end the better team won. What’s not to like, apart from the fact that the better team on this occasion was Folkestone. The first result in was a hard-fought draw on board 2, then came a win for Broadstairs on board 5 when Bob calmly took advantage of his opponent’s time pressure. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got for Broadstairs as the next four results were all wins for Folkestone. Shany’s stubborn defence an exchange down (bishop for rook) on board 3 saw him save the draw, but that was too late to turn the match. A clear three point margin sounds a lot, but we were very close to winning on boards 1 and 4, which would have been enough to turn the match in our favour. Still, we have to congratulate Folkestone who have thereby taken what looks to be a decisive lead in the race for the Millar Cup. Folkestone have 3 wins from 3 games, we have 2 wins from 4, Bridge have 1 win from 3 and Margate just the 2 losses so far. Folkestone only need one win and a tie from their last three matches (one against Bridge and two against Margate).

                                                 Broadstairs  3        Woodnesborough   2 

1 Shani Rezvany  (163) 1-0 Harry Sharples (144)
2 Richard Clement (129) 1-0 John Thorley (140)
3 Chris Stampe (124) 0-1 William Grummitt (133)
4 Paul Johnson (116) 1-0 Raj Sookhurry (e110)
5 Michael Doyle  (91) 0-1 Mark Towlson (94)

Grade totals:                          623/625                                            621/625


John Couzens reports:

So we made it to the final after a  spell of eight years in the Mick Croft Cup wilderness!

My first choice team were all available so I had high hopes of a good result (no cannon fodder needed this time)

Woodnesborough at home ….. Come on!

Harry’s boys showed up and my confidence took a bit of a knock when I saw John Thorley (140) was on board two, William Grummitt (133) on board three, Raj Sookhurry estimated at 110 on board four (we all know how estimated grades can differ from real grades!) and Mark ‘Thanet Congress king’ Towlson 94 on board five….

mmmmmm not going to be as easy as I’d anticipated

My expectations took another hit when after 20 moves Michael ‘reliable’ Doyle lost his queen for nothing!

Soon after he gave up his rook, resigned and went home. (We missed you in Cramptons, barmaids and all – come back soon!)

The other four boards all looked equal for ages, then Chris hit a central brick wall and lost the exchange

John Thorley offered Richard a draw (declined) and Paul’s game looked like drawing too

Looking good for the visitors

Then Paul dug deep and finished a tense endgame, forcing Raj to resign

Shany was pushing Harry hard, won a knight and eventually Harry had to resign

2-1 up

All we need now is a draw from Chris or Richard and the Cup would be ours (with a drawn match, the bottom board result is eliminated -Ed)

Then Richard ‘Cliff Thorburn’ Clement finally ground poor old John Thorley into submission

The cup was ours!

Small consolation for Woodnesborough as William finished off Chris in the final minutes

Final score 3-2

Well done, Broadstairs superstars!


                                             Broadstairs   2½      Margate 1½                      

1 Bob Cronin (103) 0-1 Leon Garfield (102)
2 Reg Pidduck (101) ½-½ John Clarke (98)
3 Michael Doyle (91) 1-0 Roy McAloney (86)
4 Michael Jenkinson (78) 1-0 Cameron Plater (49)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

To stay in the running for Walker Shield, we had to beat Margate who had won both their matches. Captain Mike was the first winner against a tricky opponent. He finished a pawn up and Roy resigned before the pawn changed to a queen. Our next winner was Michael Jenkinson, who on the 14th move took his opponent’s queen with a rook: 2-0. It was hunky-dory until then but then came a blow – Bob lost to a formidable opponent in a tight game: 2-1. It was then down to Reg who was last to finish. He was up against John Clarke, who had one or two tricks up his sleeve.  It all came down to a white rook and knight against a rook and bishop. In the end a draw was agreed and Broadstairs won 2½-1½. Well done, boys! We are second in the league now and that’s a winning start to the New Year. Next on our calendar is Bridge at home. Go for it!

                                             Broadstairs   2    Folkestone   2                      

1 Andy Flood (110) 1-0 David Erwee (100)
2 Bob Cronin (103) 1-0 Andrew Haycock (96)
3 Michael Doyle (91) 0-1 Robert Twigg (77)
4 Fredy Reber (58) 0-1 Mike White (62)

Michael Doyle writes:

Heading into the Christmas break on a cold winter’s night, Broadstairs had high hopes of victory in the Walker Shield with a long drive to Folkestone and with the home team outgunned on three of their four boards.  But it was not to be! First up on Board 2 was Bob Cronin who won after a blunder by South African Andrew Haycock following a middle game battle. Bob was the first to notch a score: 1-0. It went downhill from there when much-improved Fredy Reber blundered a rook after going to the washroom in a hurry: 1-1.  Captain Mike Doyle hoped to ease Broadstairs into the lead again with a queen and knight breaking through, preventing his opponent from castling. But no! It was a calamity! By trapping my queen with trickery, Rob captured it with his queen for a knight check on my king. 1-2.  It was down to Andy Flood, the last to finish, to save us from disaster. In the middle game it was even until David Erwee blundered a bishop and resigned. After a hard fought battle, the match ended in a draw 2-2. Broadstairs will be hoping that Christmas proves a turning point in our Walker Shield campaign.  Many thanks to Andy for driving and we look forward to the Christmas Dinner on Monday. A Merry Christmas to all our fans. 

                                                         Broadstairs 1.5     Ramsgate 2.5

1 Bob Cronin (103) 1/2-1/2  Malcolm Snashall (110)
2 Reg Pidduck (101)    0-1 Joshua Vaughan (94)
3 Michael Doyle (91)    0-1 Ken Keeler (93)
4 Michael Jenkinson (78)    1-0 Bob Wallace (88)

Michael Doyle writes:

Chess is not for people going mad but for mad people sane, says William Hartston, International Master. That’s how it was last night when Broadstairs hosted Ramsgate in the Walker Shield.  We got off to a good start on Board 4 when Michael Jenkinson beat Bob Wallace, resigning with a knight and bishop against the king. Then on Board 1 Bob Cronin had an impressive game with Malcolm Snashall, two queens battling it out for a draw. It was downhill from there with Reg Pidduck going down against a much improved Josh Vaughan, running out of time.  The last to finish was the Captain, Mike Doyle. His opponent managed to get his pawn through and our captain resigned.  What chance do we have of winning the shield when we played three and lost two? Not so says our secretary Bob Page for we have seven more games to go and it is all up for grabs.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas
Mike Doyle
Capt of the Walker Shield team