Judging by the number of entries received, there are not too many people on the edge of their seats waiting for the results of the Christmas Quiz to be announced but you are going to get them anyway.

  1. Black’s moves are as follows:  …..e5…..Qf6…..Qxf3…..Be7 mate
  2. Lewis. This is, of course, a reference to the famous Isle Lewis chessmen.
  3. Thomas Middleton had written a play called ‘A Game at Chess’ in 1624 but two years earlier John Fletcher wrote ‘The Spanish Curate’ which was the first time a complete game of chess had featured on stage.
  4. In each of the tournaments listed the winner achieved a 100% score.
  5. Windsor Castle
  6. According to Tartakover, ‘The wisdom of the East has stated that there are some who play poorly and do not know that they play poorly: they are ignoramuses – avoid them. There are others who play poorly and know that they play poorly: they are intelligent – help them. There are some that play well and do not know that they play well: they are modest – respect them. And there are some that play well and know they play well: they are sages – follow them.’
  7. 1887 – a glance at the website masthead tells you this one.
  8. George Bernard Shaw
  9. This extract was written by Harpo Marx, describing an early visit to Moscow by the Marx Brothers. It was taken from his autobiography, ‘Harpo Speaks!’ a very interesting and entertaining book not just for Marx Bros fans.
  10. The key to this puzzle is, of course, underpromotion:      1. c8 (R)     Ke6 (the only move)          2. Rc6 mate

Congratulations to Clive Le Baigue, who scored 8/10, just missing out on the Tartakover categories and the Fletcher play. A worthy attempt and well worth a drink next time you’re in Cramptons on a Monday,  Clive.




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