Hot off the press is this game played today (Sunday) between Magnus Carlsen and Lev Aronian.  As I write it has only just finished so I can’t add any comments (not that they would be worth anything) except to say that the last fifteen moves or so prompted so many comments from those watching or following online that no-one seemed to be able to forecast the result. I suspect that the chap who wrote at about move 35 that if Carlsen were to win “I will cut off my head and mail it to you!” is mightily relieved although it’s a shame the logic of this desperate promise is slightly faulty. Have a look at the game and be honest – would you have backed Black at move 30? White had many takers although one suspects that had Carlsen been playing with the Black pieces there may have been fewer.

White: Magnus Carlsen (2850)            Black: Lev Aronian (2781)

European Team Championship

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