Broadstairs   1½              Woodnesborough    3½

1 David Faldon (175) ½-½ Harry Sharples (156)
2 Bob Page (145) ½-½ Robin Bellion (135)
3 Paul Carfrae (131) ½-½ Kit Blundell (127)
4 Michael Doyle (89) 0-1 David Erwee (108)
5 Richard Bowles (52) 0-1 Brian Rodwell (98)

David Faldon writes:

The match got off to a bad start for us when Mike’s speculative sacrifice met resolute defence. He fought on a piece down, then two, but in vain. Richard (playing black) got in trouble in the opening too, but he recovered well. Just when things were looking up a tactical oversight torpedoed his recovery. 0-2 to Woodnesborough. We now needed 2½ points from the last three games as that would tie the match at 2½ points each and we’d win on tie-break (wins on higher boards). For an hour or so it looked like we’d achieve our goal as Bob got a dominating centre and Paul cleverly won a bishop + knight for a rook. Unfortunately both positions became blocked and two draws were agreed: 1-3. The top board promptly agreed a draw, too, as their result no longer mattered. Congratulations to Woodnesborough and good luck to them in the final against Bridge.

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