Our first Game of the Week for this new season features one of our new members with one of our most experienced. Dominic Blundell has just joined the club and has yet to gain an ECF grade. This will come in January when the new list comes out as he will then have played enough games in the club championship to qualify. In the meantime, he has shown enough in the few games he has played to suggest that he has a good chance of playing for one of the club’s league teams in due course. Paul Carfrae has been a Broadstairs player for over 25 years so this promised to be an interesting encounter. The computer was uncertain as to who was winning until Black’s 20th and 21st moves swung the balance decisively in White’s favour.

White:   Dominic Blundell (UG)    Black:  Paul Carfrae (131)

Goodall Cup

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