I had a tricky decision to make this week, again.

There were some tremendous games played in the Opera Euro Rapid event, not least in the final where Magnus Carlsen missed chance after chance against Wesley So. A shame for Magnus of course but good to know that even a World Champion still makes mistakes.

Anyway I have decided to show a game from the Thanet All Play All.

Two games stood out this week, firstly we had pm5 v Ferrarifan. A very exciting game where both players certainly had chances to win. Here is the position with White to move, there is a forced mate in 3. The mate was missed and incredibly this game ended in a draw just a few moves short of 100

Our Game of The Week is also exciting, once again both players had a nice advantage at different times in the game and the result could have gone any of three ways.

The main reason I have picked this game is the excellent endgame play and an unusual situation of King and Queen v King and 3 connected pawns. I have only included a few notes as the actions of both players tell the tale and the swings of the game far better than a few words

 White:  RichardDavies       Black:  CliveLeBaigue

Thanet All Play All

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