Great News! ‘Real’ Chess is back

I know we have been treated to hours of online events during the pandemic, but most of us enjoy playing over the board and face to face more than anything. Elite players have had this luxury for a while. However the ordinary rank and file players are now able to play in congresses and at those clubs willing to open their doors.

To celebrate this, my Game of the Week was played in the 25th 4NCL FIDE rated congress held over last weekend in Leamington Spa

Playing White is local player George Hollands ( Bridge ) and with the Black pieces Vivien Webster ( Halifax )

In fact George played superbly throughout the event winning 3 games and drawing 2 to finish 2nd in a very strong field

 White:  Hollands, George       Black:  Webster, Vivien

25th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress (Leamington)

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