Broadstairs  4         Folkestone   0 

1 Bob Page (135) 1-0  Andrew Haycock (e101)
2 Paul Carfrae (133) 1-0  David Erwee (96)
3 John Couzens 116) 1-0  Robert Twigg (e70)
4 Andy Flood (106) 1-0  def

Andy Flood writes:

Hats off to Folkestone who played some great chess and were very unlucky to leave Broadstairs with nothing but a 4 – 0 defeat. Whilst they had to concede Board 4 to start 1–0 down, they gave their Broadstairs opponents a real run for their money. On Board 1 Bob Page maintained his 100% win record going into a evenly balanced end game in which he was able to use his experience to go 1, 2 and then 3 pawns up to secure a win. Paul Carfrae on Board 2 was always in a strong position but David Erwee was finding the best defensive moves, creating a little bit of counter play before finally losing late on in the evening. Board 3 was the last game to finish, as Robert Twigg sought to beat the clock and find the killer moves. The Gullbuster – or the Giantkiller as he is now known – was comfortably controlling the early part of the game, going two pawns up. However, his opponent sacrificed a rook, broke though John’s defence and then chased the black King around the board going for a win. Whilst there were opportunities for White to pick up points through both a checkmate and a perpetual check, John resiliently held on to win on time.

So a good result for Broadstairs but Folkestone played well above their ratings and were unlucky to face the long drive back with nothing to show for their efforts. There is only one thing worse than driving home from Broadstairs to Folkestone on a Monday evening with no points and that is driving home from Folkestone to Broadstairs on a Friday evening with no points.

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