David Faldon’s match report for last week’s Millar Cup match against Bridge made it clear that defeat isn’t everything and that every now and then you witness an “I was there!” game. Rather like the old story of London buses, you wait for one great performance and two come along at once. It’s a shame that the draw between Paul Carfrae (133) and Richard Eales (195) – which I hope we may yet feature on this site – was lost in the celebration of John Couzens’ victory over Alan Atkinson which provides us with this week’s Game of the Week. In the final position Black lost on time but by then the game was John’s. If you weren’t there – and I wasn’t! – play through the game below and see if you agree with John who said that it was ‘probably the best game I’ve ever played!’

White:   John Couzens (116)     Black: Alan Atkinson  (175)

Millar Cup v Bridge B

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