Broadstairs  2         Margate   2 

(Board positions based on July grades)

1 John Couzens (121) 0-1     Colin Gregory  (107)
2 Andy Flood (114) ½-½     Clive Le Baigue  (117)
3 Reg Pidduck (109) ½-½     Leon Garfield (105)
4 Bob Cronin (106) 1-0     John Clarke  (97)

Andy Flood writes:

Another close and even match between the local rivals saw Broadstairs achieve an unlikely draw from a late evening losing position. As John sought to secure a quick win with white for Broadstairs on Board 1, he was the first to finish in a surprise loss to Colin Gregory. Not the best of starts for Broadstairs who were in time difficulty on Board 2 and a piece down on Board 4 going into the endgame. Somehow Broadstairs Bob with his never-say-die attitude won from a lost position to even the match at 1 – 1 and to wrestle the Houdini mantle from the absent Paul Carfrae. On Board 2 against a resolute Clive Le Baigue playing a very solid game, I was in real time trouble and only achieved the requisite 36 moves with three seconds to spare. Closing up shop, the inevitable draw was agreed at the second offer: 1.5 v 1.5. So all depended on the last game with Reg a pawn down (rook and four pawns) to Leon (rook and five pawns). Reg cleverly swapped off the rooks and aggressively pushed forward his pawns to secure half a point for Broadstairs and to maintain our unbeaten record.


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