Broadstairs  3         Margate  1 

1 Bob Page (135) 1-0    Colin Gregory (122)
2 Paul Carfrae (133) 1-0    Clive Le Baigue (118)
3 Reg Pidduck (107) 1-0    John Clarke (104)
4 Andy Flood (106) 0-1    Leon Garfield (100)

Bob Page writes:

This was our first win of the new campaign and a fairly comfortable one, too. Margate arrived fresh from a 4-0 victory over Folkestone but they were outgraded on every board in this match and it did not take long for the home team to get into their stride. First to finish was Paul on board 2. Keen to atone for his defeat last week, he took the game to Clive in typical Carfrae fashion and as pieces flew off the board, Black had no answer and resigned after 17 moves.  Reg was also soon on top against John and won a piece early on, converting it to a straightforward win soon after. The other two games took a little longer. On board 1 Colin unnecessarily gave away a central pawn and then another. He held on for 57 moves but the result was never really in doubt. 3-0 to Broadstairs and it looked like being a whitewash as Andy was two pawns ahead in the battle of the southpaws on board 4. One mistake was all it took, however: one minute his bishop was on the board and then it was gone! Andy fought on but the game was Leon’s and the match finally finished at about 10.30. So a win and a draw from the first two matches and suddenly the Bridge result last week does not seem too disappointing.

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